My Free Erotica Schedule Is Changing

So, I’m making a couple of small changes to my schedule, mostly because while I love putting out free erotica and getting lovely comments from my regular readers (I love you all!) it’s making it difficult to also put in the time on my larger projects – the erotica eBooks that have more story, more editing and, yes, better sex.

Starting right now, I’m dropping my commitment to have free erotica every Monday. Instead, I’m going to put out a free instalment once a month. It’ll go out on the first Friday of each month, and the time is changing to 10pm GMT/5pm EST, making it just nicely in time for the weekend!

In between, I will of course continue recommending other stories that got me touching myself through my irregular “Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over” series. And since I’m not trying to find time for writing free fiction I expect to have more “me” time anyway, meaning more regular updates to that series (I genuinely only recommend stories that got me playing, at least a little, which is why there’s no schedule).

Anyway, set your reminders to come back at 10pm GMT/5pm EST on Friday 3rd May for the next part of my lesbian erotica, Mentor Meeting, and if you haven’t read the other parts yet you can start with Mentor Meeting Part 1!


4 thoughts on “My Free Erotica Schedule Is Changing

  1. Great idea – not wise to dilute your efforts too much & reading good stuff certainly helps me with my writing (and self care obvs.) thanks Nicci x

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