Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Mirror Time” by Kat Kinx

Themes: heterosexual, Daddy dom/kitten, masturbation, nudity, exhibitionism

Reading Time: ~3-5 mins

Author: Kat Kinx

Link: Mirror Time on Kat Kinx’s blog

Trying something new – and a little outside her comfort zone – this kitten is going to play for her Daddy’s enjoyment.

Although I’m not really turned on by the Daddy/LG/Kitten dynamic, this story was a really fun little read that got me going nicely. It’s not very long, but the descriptions as the POV character masturbates and plays with herself are wonderful and very sexy, and they got me toying with myself right along with her. I especially liked this line: “After a few minutes I then slide my hands down my stomach, circling and touching my belly button, then moving on down to my moistening mound.”

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