Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “A Soothing Return” by Raven Lee

Themes: heterosexual, BDSM, stripping, nudity

Reading Time: ~5 – 10 mins

Author: Raven Lee

Link: A Soothing Return on Discovering Kink Blog

“Yes Sir,” she answers, and her delicate fingers move immediately to her buttons. She moves quickly, gently popping each one open to reveal a little more of her enticing curves and vibrant chest tattoos each time. Her eyes never leave mine as she pulls open the fabric and lets it slide to the floor. Without hesitation, my Pet runs her hands down her chest and over her breasts, pausing only momentarily to slide her thumbs over her hardening nipples. Her hands then move enticingly down her stomach and the gloriously fierce tiger stripes that crisscross the skin there. Lifting her skirt, not much longer than a belt really, she hooks the panties – sexy despite their simplicity – with her thumbs and removes them with one swift motion. Stepping out she approaches, kneels and positions herself over my knees – ass high and thighs slightly spread.

A dom returns home to find his sub ready and willing to serve him. What follows is a mix of kink, impact play and obedience.

This was a deliciously written story providing just a glimpse into the BDSM life of the two leads. Although I’m not a part of that lifestyle, I do enjoy a bit of gentle kink in a story and this provided just that. I’m also really turned on by the thought of being watched while stripping by someone who’s fully clothed – I guess because I’m so shy that the discomfort confuses my senses. This was a very enjoyable one handed read.

Also worth mentioning is that this story was written by Raven Lee, the real life husband of Annabel Lee who wrote “Whispers“. What a team!

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