New Lesbian Erotica: “The Queen’s Chambers”

My lesbian erotica, The Queen’s Chambers, will be released on the May 17th 2019. It will be 99c/99p for the first week, before the price increases, and will also be available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited. This 50+ page novella includes a Victorian setting, time travel, ancient Egypt, soft BDSM, a teacher/student relationship, a mistress/slave relationship, adventure, and of course lots of lesbian sex.

Here’s an excerpt to get you salivating…

“Have you had enough, I wonder? Should I show you mercy?” I felt a finger over the tender flesh of my ass, the nail lightly scoring the hot flesh where she’d whipped me. Her finger dipped into the crevice between my buttocks and I clenched my teeth, drawing sharp breaths as I fought to keep myself from making a sound. She trailed her fingertip down through the crack of my ass, swirling around my tightest hole and then continuing to my soaked cunt. “You seem to be enjoying your punishment, slave. Maybe I should devise something less pleasurable for our next encounter. What do you think?”

I didn’t move. I didn’t answer. I wasn’t going to be fooled, not again.

The third strike took me by surprise and I let out a low moan that shuddered my core. “Thank you, Roxhana.”

Closing my eyes, I expected more, but Queen Ahset laughed.

“Oh, you are enjoying yourself. Look at this river. Sebek-khu, have you seen more liquid outside the Nile? Could we not quench the thirst of a nation with the river flowing down this slave’s thighs?” She paused. “Well?”

My nipples drew tight at the thought of him being forced to look at me. Did he enjoy the sight? Would he think about it later and grow hard at the memory? My mind was so confused by the thoughts. I’d been obsessed with Roxhana for so long that the idea of a man masturbating over thoughts of me was outside anything I’d imagined. I knew I didn’t want to have sex with a man, but to tease?

“I …” Sebek-khu’s voice shook with embarrassment and awkwardness. He had no more idea what was going on than I did, and forgetting my own confusion I felt truly sorry for him.

“Stop toying with him,” I muttered, then added, “Professor.”

For a moment there was nothing, just the scent of flowers, the scent of my own arousal, the click and crackle of flames in the wall sconces.

Then Ahset tutted. “Very well. It looks like you’ve made a friend, Sebek-khu. I believe that’s a first for you.” She giggled and I let it go in the hope that she would grow weary of pursuing the guards and return her attention to me.

I was rewarded with what I hoped would be the final stroke of the whip. It landed lower than the others, cutting into the tops of my thighs and biting my exposed pussy. I whimpered, my clitoris ringing with sensation that lay somewhere between agonising pain and absolute pleasure. I felt a gush of liquid leak from my cunt and wanted desperately to stroke myself, to bring myself an orgasm, but knew that doing so would only result in more strikes with the whip. While I was able to hold out against four, the thought of five made my mind cower. If I thought there might be more, I might even use my safe word.

“Thank you, Roxhana,” I said, and took a deep, settling breath.

“Have you learnt your lesson?”

I waited, then heard her laugh.

“You may answer.”

“Yes, Roxhana, I’m very grateful that you’re my teacher.”

“Oh, how delightful.” She purred the words. “I think this is going to be the start of something very special, but I’m satisfied that you’ve taken your punishment for today. I imagine you’re bursting to masturbate, aren’t you, slave? Or perhaps you’d like me to lick your slit until you fill my mouth with your climax? You may speak, tell me your thoughts.”

Preorder the book now for 99c/99p from Amazon and get it delivered to your device on launch day!

The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover

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