KDP Select Sale – Day 4 FREE and reduced erotica!

If you’re looking for Kindle erotica, you’ve come to the right place! Yesterday’s deal is still available and I’ve added a bunch more:

FREE: New Boy – Gay Male

the very muscular handsome sexy guy on   grey background, strict

I absolutely adore a boy/boy sex scene, and that’s basically what you get from New Boy. There’s a little bit of background, but not too much, and plenty of naked male flesh.

A reviewer said: “These stories are like a man is really telling his story, it’s easy to read, and very fun! I really recommend this work!!!”

99c/99p: Old Scores – Gay Male/Vampires

Old Scores New Cover

Do you like gay male vampires? Of course you do! A bit of trivia for you: Old Scores was originally written piecemeal over on the Radish platform, but then it got taken down in the Great Erotica Purge Of 2018.

99c/99p: The Queen’s Chambers – Victorian/Ancient Egypt Lesbian Soft BDSM Adventure

The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover

This book isn’t even at the end of its enrolment period, but it’s getting in on the action. We’ve got time travel, whips, lesbians, sex in a tomb and a bit of a mystery going on that will be further explained in book 2!

99c/99p: Her Lady’s Maid – Victorian Lesbian

Her Lady's Maid

Don’t you just love a Victorian romp? The implied taboo of any sort of sex is instantly enjoyable and add in a same-sex relationship for decadence and debauchery, particularly if there’s a mistress/servant dynamic into the bargain!

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