Nicci’s Apology

Joe sat on the end of the bed, looking up at me from under dark brows. His eyes were still red from the tears, or perhaps it was irritation from the cologne. He had opened the window, but still, it had been a whole bottle. The scent, like cat piss, still lingered.

“Why, Nicci?” He said. His voice wasn’t angry, it was sad. There was a catch on the end of each word, like he couldn’t quite get the breath.

I bit my lip, not sure what to say, looking down, unable to meet his eyes any longer. His clothes lay strewn around my feet, cut to ribbons. Joanna’s feet, I reminded myself, you’re not really here. “I…” My lip quivered and I shook my head.

“Did you think it would be funny?”

“No!” I looked up, tears welling in my eyes. He looked so helpless. I wanted to hug him. “Well, yes, a bit.”

“Does it seem funny now?”

“No. Definitely not.”

“No, I don’t think it’s funny.”

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I took a step forward. His top shirt button had been ripped away, presumably in the fight before his story started. A moon shaped pendant hung on a chain around his neck, resting against heavy slabs of muscl-

“Hey, stop that!”

“Sorry,” I said. “Look, Joe, you’re just fictional…”

“And you think that makes it OK?”

“No, but…” I looked into his eyes. Those big, dark eyes. Honest eyes. I wondered how Joanna could ever have doubted him. I melted. Unable to think, I just blurted out the first thing that came into my head. “I think your perfume smells nice.”

“Cologne. It’s cologne, Nicci, girls wear perfume.”

I blushed. “Right.” It didn’t really smell like cat piss though. It smelled manly, tangy, like nightclubs and whisky.

I knelt in front of him.

“What are you doing?”

“Making it up to you.” I reached up and started to unbutton his shirt some more.

One by one the buttons came undone, revealing a deep groove down the middle of his abdomen, pointing the way to his belly button. I leaned forward and kissed it, flicking inside with my tongue, making him gasp.

I laughed.

He stroked a hand through my hair – Joanna’s hair – his little finger brushing the top of my ear, making me shiver. I tilted my head so that he would hold me. He snapped his hand away.

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I met his eyes, but there was no malice there any more. Only desire. He leaned forward and gently lifted the hem of my top. I raised my arms, letting it slide over them and shivered from the cool breeze across my back.

Joe brushed the back of his fingers over my shoulder, sliding them under my bra strap to ease it free. His hand stroked down my chest until it rested against the top of my bra. He played with the lace that plunged between my breasts, snagging it with his finger, then made my body quiver as he felt the shape of me, cupping my left breast with his hand.

“They’re smaller than Joanna’s,” he said, his eyes narrowing.

I nodded. “I know. I invented her.”

He licked his bottom lip, his lower jaw sticking out while he thought. Then he nodded. “Take off your bra.”

I obeyed, letting my breasts fall free, the nipples hardening in the cool from the window. Birds sang outside, flirting with each other, pairing up in the Spring sun.

Joe reached forward and pinched my nipple between his fingertips. I closed my eyes against the flood of sensation. It was bliss. I let my mouth fall open, felt his lips meet mine as his hands moved to my waist, holding me and pulling me on top of him as he lay back on the bed.

I could feel his cock pressing against me, eager.

I broke the kiss, grinning as I made my way down the bed. I unbuckled his belt, shivering as the leather creaked, thinking of the punishment he might choose to give me. If he wanted to. But he didn’t, he’s not into kinky sex.

He gasped. “Aren’t I?”

I ignored him as I tugged on the waistband of his trousers-


“Sorry,” I giggled. “I’m English. I slip occasionally, especially when I’m excited.”

I tugged on the waistband of his pants, roughly slipping them down. His cock looked ready to burst free of his boxer briefs, curling up and back over his pelvis, the head already visibly engorged beneath the black fabric. I slipped them down, enjoying his groan of ecstasy as his penis came free, bouncing back to a standing position. I licked along the underside, tasting hot skin.

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Then I took him in my mouth.

He squirmed and moaned, telling me how well I was doing.

“Oh fuck, I like that,” he said, but without the swearing. “Wow. Oh wow. You’re amazing.”

I sucked him off until I could feel he was ready, then I stopped.

“Don’t stop,” he panted. “Please, don’t stop. I want you.”

“You have me,” I said as I raised myself to a kneeling position. My skirt had already ridden up, giving him a glimpse of my soaked panties underneath. I watched as he licked his lips, struggling to keep his breath under control. Then I lifted the hem of my skirt and pulled my panties aside, before lowering myself onto his cock.

He slid inside easily, feeling hot as he filled me. I rocked back and forth, closing my eyes as we both moved together, growing slowly, ever so slowly closer to orgasm.

“Am I forgiven?” I asked.

“Yes,” he gasped. “I wish it could be like this forever.”

“Your wish is my command.”

As the world went on around us, we stayed locked in our passion. Though we orgasmed together dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of times, our lovemaking went on regardless. Never tiring as eternity stretched before and behind us, we stayed in that moment, enjoying each other in every way imaginable.

Happy, forever after.

Although this story can stand alone, you should probably also read this one if you’re confused over what it’s all about.

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