Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Girls Only: Pool Party” by Selena Kitt

Themes: lesbian, orgy, teasing, nudity, masturbation, shy girl, lesbian first time

Reading Time: ~30 mins – 1 hour

Author: Selena Kitt

Link: Girls Only: Pool Party on Smashwords

Recently divorced and in her late twenties, Nancy is drawn into a world of erotic lesbian fantasy when the utterly fascinating and very sexy Gina moves in next door in this whimper-inducing short story. From the very beginning we know that Gina is daring, spending most of her time wandering around nude in the California sun. But the tension ramps up quickly and Gina gently encourages Nancy to explore her desires, culminating in a pool party neither of them will ever forget.

I absolutely adore the characters in this story and the situation works to build the sexiness factor as the story goes on, so that by the time of the pool party I was a really squirmy. Nancy is adorable, and Gina is enough to get anyone wet with her unabashed enjoyment of her own body and steady debauchery of her next door neighbour.


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