Review: Ms Fix It (Parts I, II & III)


I really enjoyed reading this series – the characters are fun, the situations are interesting and M. J. Spencer’s writing is sexy and intense. The second story didn’t quite pique my interest in the same way as the other two – but even when it wasn’t stimulating inside my head it was still stimulating further down. And that’s really what these stories are all about!

Purchasing and Versions

Although technically a running series, “Ms Fix It” really comprises stand-alone stories that are linked, so there’s no need to read them in any particular order. Although if you’re anything like me you’ll get a little thrill when the stories overlap, so there’s definitely something to be said for reading them all.

The first two books – “Madison And Her First Time” and “Josie And The Boys” – are available exclusively on Amazon. If you have Kindle Unlimited then you can read them for free. The third book – “Hailey And Her Dirty Secret” fell foul of Amazon’s rather Victorian sensibilities.

However, Amazon’s loss is our gain, as M. J. has said that anyone who has read the first two can contact her for a code to get number three for free – details can be found at the end of books one and two!

Quality of Production

This is a professional product – all the usual trappings are present (attractive cover design, proper front sheets, etc.). I also really liked the addition of an introductory paragraph to each of the stories, giving a little introduction to the running theme and the individual narrator for that story.

The Plot

These are quick reads, not novels. Each one sets up the situation within the first few paragraphs in order to get from zero to sexy in as short a time frame as possible. And that’s no bad thing. However, a surprising amount of work has gone into the back story for each one, and the situations are interesting in their own right.

The overarching story is one of a family that runs a fix-it business. Any odd jobs undertaken.

In “Madison And Her First Time” it’s Madison’s first opportunity to go out on a call all by herself, unsupervised. She’s confident that she can manage, but what she doesn’t realise is that the client is her older brother’s hot friend, Caleb. The one she used to fantasize over…

I loved Madison. She’s cute, intelligent and girly. When Caleb starts flirting with her, her reactions are totally in keeping with her character. It makes her instantly endearing. Caleb is hot AND intelligent – he’s a computer engineer. The pairing works and the sex will make your mouth go dry.

“Josie And The Boys” has airhead sex-junkie Josie taking a lunch break that will make your eyes water. She’s sexy, she knows it, and she’s not afraid to take what she wants. Two of the engineers working for the company are going home with her, and something tells me they’re not going to be much use in the afternoon.

For me, this was my least favourite of the three stories. I’m a sucker for romance, even if the main objective of the story is sex, and this one didn’t give it to me. Josie is only interested in one thing – well, technically two. And with lots of variety in the way that they’re used…

This story will turn you on, have no doubt about that, but if you’re looking for a love story then this isn’t it.

The third story, “Hailey And Her Dirty Secret”, takes place away from the fix-it business. Hailey is still from the same family, but she makes her money by selling home-made honey to a local store. Her step-brother, Alex, a good-hearted bad boy, is always on hand to help her out. They’re close, but Hailey wonders just how close Alex might be willing to let their relationship go…

This was my favourite of the three stories. It takes a little longer to build the relationship than either of the other two, but there’s sexual tension from the opening page. This had lashings of the romance I felt was missing from the Josie story. I really loved Hailey and Alex, I felt that they were both believable and the developing storyline was well paced.


This is a really nicely developed series with a lot of potential for more linked stories. They’re quick to read and very sexy. All three will make excellent one-handed reads, but Madison and Hailey will give you more romance while Josie is on hand for quick and dirty sex.

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