Review: Ms Fix It (Parts IV, V & VI)


I absolutely love this series, which provides a careful balance of sweet, interesting characters and well described sex scenes. Each one can be read in a single sitting, perfect for a lunch break or an afternoon pick-me-up. Although there’s no overarching storyline, I’d recommend reading them all in order to get the most out of it, as the background of the family is built up incrementally and you’ll get a thrill when characters cross over. It also adds to the anticipation of who’s turn will be next!

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Purchasing and Versions

Ms Fix It 4, 5 and 6 are all available from Amazon for $0.99 each, and if you have Kindle Unlimited then they’re free. If you don’t have a Kindle then Amazon provides free reading apps for most devices, including an online reader.

The Plot

Danielle and the Jock (Book 4)

Danielle has had her eye on Rhys for years, but his fame as the local quarterback kept him supplied with cheerleaders and kept Danielle on the sidelines. Or that’s what she thought. When Rhys saves her from the town drunk, Danielle finds out that her fantasies weren’t all one sided…

Book 4 has a slow build up, which I really liked. Danielle is a sweet, shy girl with a sexy side that she tends to keep hidden. Rhys helps to bring it to the fore over the course of the book, and Danielle gets a good pounding that would make any girl feel special. There is a trigger warning here though – a very brief uncomfortable moment when Danielle is cornered by the drunk. It’s over before it’s begun, and helps to develop the characters and story, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

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danielle and the jock

Trish and Her Fairytale Night (Book 5)

OK, full disclosure time: I have an extra reason for enjoying this one. It was written for me. One of the main characters was based on me (I’ll leave you to guess which one!). But that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s filled with hot lesbian sex. Trish isn’t usually into girls, but that doesn’t stop her fantasising, and then acting on those fantasies…

This one is really sweet, but oh so sexy. I loved Trish, and after I’d read it I wanted to emulate the other character (unnamed in the book, but she has a look of Pocahontas about her). The following day I dressed like her in a very significant way! The sex was well described, with M. J. Spencer (aka Mischa Eliot) using her usual no-nonsense clear prose.

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trish and her fairytale night

Shawna and the Outcast Millionaire (Book 6)

Shawna had a thing with David when they were in college, but his family is loaded and they disapproved of the match. Shawna thought she was just a way to rebel against their rules, and the relationship broke up before it got started. She thought she’d never see him again, but then he shows up working the building site that she’s been put in charge of and the sparks begin to fly…

Book 6 is so romantic. Shawna and David are supposed to be together, but the world got in their way. Why is David now working on a building site when his family are loaded? The answer is, of course, the sweetest one that you’re hoping for.

But if you think this one’s going to be all flowers and chocolates, think again. The sex scene here is designed to make you explode – again and again and again. Every time I was a little disappointed it was over, it just carried on. By the time they were finished, I was very impressed with Shawna and David’s stamina. They certainly earned a rest!

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This series goes from strength to strength. M. J. Spencer (aka Mischa Eliot) writes clearly and distinctively, and she’s got the balance just right here between sweet romance and squirm-inducing sex. Each one is a quick read, and if you take them in order you’ll see characters weaving through the various stories. There is a trigger warning for book 4, but it’s over quickly and then the main characters fuck. I cannot wait for the next one!

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