Sexy Lovecraftian Imagery

Procrastination this may be, but with the recent release of “Gifts from the Old God” I’ve had sex and cosmic terror on my mind quite a lot recently (sex is normal for me, cosmic terror is more unusual). So I decided to finally use my Pinterest account for something other than browsing fashion and instead build a board of NSFW Lovecraftian pictures.

Lovecraftian Pins

What did I learn from this excursion into the dark and sexy world of Paranormal Erotica? Firstly, I’m not the only one who finds this a turn on. And secondly, there are a lot of very fine artists out there.

If you have a board that you think might fit well, give me a link and I’ll check it out – I’ll add any interesting pins to mine!

6 thoughts on “Sexy Lovecraftian Imagery

  1. I have never ever thought of paranormal erotica, i had no idea it was such a thing even. It is much harder work as well when you have to make this stuff up.
    are there…
    could there be…
    are you having sex with
    an alien, that octopus thing, really, help help…
    oooh, ah
    yeah, I wouldn’t be as good as you.

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