New Release: Yes Mistress (FREE)

“What’s that?” I hear you say. “A new release? But ‘Yes, Mistress’ is already here on the site, totally free. I’m confused. What gives?”

Well, this “Yes Mistress” (notice that the comma has gone…*) is a new release, and it’s still totally free on Smashwords. I’ve given the old story a complete overhaul, so though you might recognise some of it if you’ve read the one that’s available here, you’ll find that this version is a very different animal.

There’s almost 1,000 words of additional material for a start.

So what do I have to say about this version? OK, here’s the blurb:

Yes Mistress 5

Daisy knows what her girlfriend does for a living, and has even watched while Annabel acts the part of “Mistress Beltane” in her fetish dungeon. But at home, she’s always just been Annabel – shy, quiet and a bit socially awkward. That is, until Daisy is given a single rule for the night’s entertainment: the last one naked wins. Can she hold out while Mistress Beltane stimulates every sensual desire she’s ever had? Or will the dominatrix succeed and claim the prize?

It’s a lesbian BDSM erotic romance, and you can get it for free from Smashwords right now!

P.S. I designed this cover myself, with a lot of advice from my wonderful, beautiful friend Mischa Eliot.

* Wondering why the comma has gone? It’s needed, grammatically, right? Yes, but it didn’t look right on the cover, dammit!

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