Excerpt: Gifts From The Old God

“More,” Juliana whispered. “I want more.”

She hooked her thumbs under the wide waistband of her skirt, pushed it down as she wiggled her hips, the tentacle sticky and smooth against her flesh as she moved. The skirt slid past her bottom, over her thighs, her knees. Once it fell to the floor at her feet, she stepped out and spread her legs. Her panties were sticky with her own juices and she revelled in the feel of it, shifting back and forth while the tentacle roved over her right breast, flicking against her nipple, sending shivers through her body and making her cry out. “Take me.” She threw her head back and reached a hand between her legs, but a second tentacle got there first.

She brushed her fingers against it. Its skin was odd, firm at first touch but then turning jelly-like under her fingertips. It felt cool, unreal, like silicone rubber. She ran a hand over it, smoothing it, enjoying the way that it moulded into the contours of her palm. She pulled her panties aside, touched herself while she played with the phallic tentacle. Then she gripped the tip of it and guided it up between her legs, spreading herself wider to allow it access. “Yes,” she said as it licked her pussy, spreading her own juices over her labia, her mound, all the way to her ass. She took a sharp breath when it pressed up, tearing her panties in its eagerness to get inside her vagina, her juices coating it as she continued to stroke its length. The tentacle pressed further inside, exploring, thickening and shaping itself to her, rubbing against her clit as it turned firmer, longer, and delving up inside her further than any man’s cock, further than any sex toy she had experienced.

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, I want more. I want it always, forever.” She gasped as a third tentacle drew circles around her buttocks. She heard her panties tear further, ruined by it. It curved and bent as it tickled her flesh, making her tense and brace before it ran down the cleft of her buttocks and spread her open, dipping inside, tentatively at first, wriggling inside her ass, then reaching in, further, harder, sliding in and out. “Yes.” She relaxed and opened her mouth in an ‘o’ as the tentacle went deep inside, and a whimper escaped her lips.

Gifts From The Old God is a sci-fi horror-fantasy Lovecraftian tentacle sex extravaganza. It’s available right now from Amazon and Smashwords. Find out how to get a FREE  copy here.

Gifts_From_The_Old_God_new (1)

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