Pre-order “Teaching her Mistress” for $0.99

Teaching her Mistress 1What will society think?

Victorian aristocrat Lady Agnes knows that her husband is cheating on her with a member of the household staff, and not for the first time. Using a secret passage she discovered years earlier, she follows the unmistakable sounds of sex to the servants’ quarters, and there discovers him in the act with their beautiful young maid, Ivy.

But when Agnes confronts Ivy over the affair, passions are awakened in her own heart. Passions that she thought she had put to bed long ago. Can she resist the temptation put in front of her, or will she allow Ivy to teach her the true meaning of desire?

Teaching her Mistress is available to pre-order today on Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo for the special price of $0.99 (cheapest $2.99 at Amazon after release).

I also have free ARC copies to give away to anyone that would like to post an honest review. Get in touch with me on to request a copy.

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