Free on Kindle Unlimited: Holly’s Ice Breaker

Holly's Ice Breaker.jpg

I like stories where shy girls have a devilish streak, because I’m a shy girl with a devilish streak. I can really identify with (and root for) the main character, hoping that they’ll get exactly what they want. When I created Holly, I knew I wanted her to be the awkward, nerdy, quiet type. And then I wanted her to do something so out of character that it even takes her by surprise.

Taking place on her first day at college, “Holly’s Ice Breaker” lets us see her blossoming as a young woman after she meets Stella – her polar opposite. Stella is everything Holly desires: outgoing, bubbly and totally at ease with her sexuality. It’s exactly what Holly needs to bring out her true nature.

Throw in a dash of alcohol, a small group of new friends, and a slightly naughty suggestion for an ice breaker. Mix well and serve chilled.

You can buy Holly’s Ice Breaker for $0.99/£0.99 from the Kindle Store, or it’s free to read on Kindle Unlimited. There will also be a paperback edition coming soon.

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