8 Things You Might Want To Know About Anal Sex

OK, something different from me in this post. This is full disclosure time: I’m not an expert on anal sex. But I’ll happily admit to trying it a couple of times; once with a toy and once with a finger – both times on my own. I liked it, but for me it’s something I’m occasionally into, not something I’m going to try at every opportunity.

However, as more than one person has asked me about it lately, I’m guessing it’s something we’re curious about. And that’s healthy. Play with your asshole, peeps!

So here are 8 things, in no particular order, that I know about playing with my asshole, that you may or may not be wondering:

  1. Use lube. Lots of lube.

    I’m not kidding. Your asshole is very sensitive. It’s also very tight. It’s also surprisingly dry. You’re going to need waaaay more lube than you think. The first time I tried it, with just a finger, I used probably a third of a tube of Durex Play (strawberry flavour, if you must know, not because I was planning to lick it in some sort of display of awesome contortionist ability, but because it was all I had in the house).

  2. Foreplay matters.

    Whether you’re flying solo or playing with a partner’s pucker, you’re going to want to take it slowly. Especially the first time. Don’t expect to get your whole hand, your dick or your favourite ten inch dildo up inside an asshole without first getting it good and relaxed. That anal sphincter is going to try to stop you. And that’s fine. Just play with it, caress it, dip a naughty fingertip inside. You might not get very far in at first, but trust me, taking your time is worth it. Because actually, there are tons of nerve endings down there, and they feel good.

  3. Don’t worry about poop.

    Honestly, this was my biggest fear. I wanted to try anal because it was naughty and I was experimenting, but the idea of having my finger covered in poop, or pooping on the floor, almost put me off. I needn’t have worried. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t poop hanging around in your anus just waiting to drop out. So long as you’ve showered and aren’t feeling like you need to go, that hole is as clean as any other. On the other hand:

  4. Don’t double dip.

    Seriously, this is a safety warning. While your asshole is cleaner than you probably think, it’s also still the place where poop comes out. And that means there are germs. Unless you want some really nasty diseases, don’t put anything that’s been inside your anus into any other body part before you’ve thoroughly cleaned it.

  5. Trim your nails.

    Assholes are sensitive things. The skin around and inside is easier to tear than the skin on your arms and legs. You do not want long, sharp fingernails going up there, cutting you up like a bad surgeon. Trim them, or wear gloves (make sure you’re not allergic to them). On the other hand, don’t get scared – it’s not that easy to tear.

  6. Choose your toy wisely.

    Did I mention that the anal sphincter is very strong? It is. The feeling of it closing around your finger is oddly sexy. I’m guessing it feels pretty nice closing around a dick, too. However, that means it’s important to make sure that anything going in can be taken back out again. Fingers definitely can. But when it comes to toys, there are lots made especially for anal play. Preferably get one of those. Butt plugs, prostate massagers, anal beads. Go wild. But don’t put anything up there that doesn’t have a base wider than the head (the head of the toy, not your head, obviously). You do not want a trip to the hospital to have some random vegetable removed from your ass.

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  7. This is the fun number.

    Anal sex feels nice. There are a ton of nerve endings down there for both boys and girls. It’s also taboo, which makes it feel naughty and devious. Boys: you’ve got a prostate. It’s the male G-spot. Be ready for an explosive orgasm. Girls: not so much. But the anus alone feels really nice to stimulate and apparently if you do it right, you can also stimulate the vagina through the anus. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed that. Which is probably why it’s only occasional for me. Butt experts (lol) agree that it is possible, so who am I to argue?

  8. Be prepared for a lingering sensation.

    Nobody seems to talk about this, which is weird. Both times I’ve done it, I had this lingering sensation that lasted literally for hours afterwards. It’s not unpleasant. It feels kind of like there’s still something gently pressing on the anal sphincter. It might be fun to have vaginal sex (or penis sex, whatever) while still experiencing that anal aftertaste. Go forth and experiment, my children!

And that’s it. Have fun, play safe.

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 161. If you haven’t arrived here from there, take a look – there are posts, stories, pictures. What more could you want?


28 thoughts on “8 Things You Might Want To Know About Anal Sex

  1. Nice basic post on anal. I could think of several things to add, but I’m a kinky S.O.B. To me, anal is barely beyond vanilla, but I know that’s not true for everyone. Keep up your anal explorations, you’ll be an expert after a few dozen more times…

    • Feel free to add to the list here in the comments if you think it will help other people!

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂 It probably is barely beyond vanilla, TBH, but it’s still taboo. I know when I wanted to try it, I went looking for information and would have liked a list like this one. I don’t want to try with a partner (at least not yet) but it is a very different sensation, and quite relaxing and gentle compared with traditional stimulation.

  2. If you do try with a partner, I highly recommend someone who knows what they are doing because they’ll know … well, what they’re doing. I’ve only trusted one person up there and he was definitely worth it. (Yes, you can have a screaming orgasm from anal.) (Lots and LOTS of lube.)

    • Good advice… if I ever try with a partner, it probably won’t be with a man. My trust issues are in overdrive just thinking about it. I’d have to be really comfortable with him.

      Lots and lots and lots of lube. This cannot be stressed enough.

      But, despite all that, it is fun to play with. Aaaand, it’s good to know that the sexperts are right about the orgasm from anal thing 🙂

  3. All of this is good information, and I discovered it with my own early explorations in anal. Number eight is VERY true. And you’re right, no one ever talks about that part, lol.

  4. Some really good information here and as one who has mainly been on the giving end of anal I’ve heard often enough about being on the receiving end and how pleasurable it an be for guys.

    • Absolutely! I’m all for experimentation. Some things you’ll like, some things you won’t, but how will you know unless you try? Also, I masturbate a lot, so I guess it was only a matter of time before I at least slipped a finger back there. It’s not like it’s a long way to go 😛

  5. Can I suggest a nice glass toy with a good wide base and not overly textured – again with lots of lube. I find that this also works well with a medium sized silicone vibe inserted vaginally. See my recent review on Downunder Toys for an idea of the size of the vibe: https://midnight-atthe-oasis-64.blog/2017/10/04/tiptoeing-with-a-tulip-sex-toy-review/
    And yes the well used feeling stays around for quite a while…
    PS: I just bought your Lovecraft fiction for my Kindle. Tentacles are one of my kinks, so I’m off to bed to have a good read… Thanks

    • Thanks for the tip! Like I say, this is something that’s occasional for me, so it may be a while before I get around to trying anything again, but that does sound like fun.

      Thanks for buying my work – I hope you like it! 🙂 xoxo

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