Free Lesbian Erotica: The Queen’s Chambers Part 2

Queens Chambers 2.jpgThis is the second part of this time-bending sequel to my lesbian erotica, “Egyptology“. If you haven’t already read it, I suggest you start with Part 1 of “The Queen’s Chambers”.

Reading Time: Approx. 5 – 10 mins

I hesitated. Roxhana had purred the words strip for me like a lioness teasing a gazelle before she pounced. It made my knees feel weak, made my lower lips sticky and slick. I wanted to spread my legs, or squirm, or anything to reduce the building tension, but I didn’t dare move a muscle that might upset or excite my captor.

For that was what Roxhana – or Pharaoh Ahset as she believed herself to be – truly was.

She had called me “slave”. Her guard, Mahu, had hit me in the side of the head for disobeying her. The way she spoke to me might be pleasant right now, but if I gave her reason would she hesitate to have me killed? Might she do just that if I refused to strip? Might she do it anyway to remove me from the picture if she wanted to hide her desires for other women from her subjects?

I wanted her, that much was undeniable. In a way, I wanted her more right now, with her holding all the power, all the cards, than I had even when she was my teacher. I wanted to submit to that power, to do anything she demanded, to please her and vie for her love and care.

But I was afraid.

“Shyness in a slave. How unusual.” She seemed interested in my reluctance. Had anyone ever refused her? “I can only assume that this is a new experience for you.”

I gaped for a moment, then decided to go with the truth. “No. I’m afraid of you.”

“Monica.” She said my name slowly, savouring the way it felt on her tongue, and it took all my willpower not to mewl with need. “Monica, do you know who I am?”

Was it a trick question? What was she actually asking here?

“You’re the pharaoh.”

She laughed, her eyes sliding languidly down to the base of my throat. “Yes. Do you think I couldn’t have you stripped if I wanted to? Do you think any of these men would hesitate to rip that dress from your…quite delectable body…if I asked them?”

I tried to decide if the idea was exciting or frightening. The fantasy was one thing, but the reality might be different… “You would force me?”

Ahset narrowed her eyes, and I realised that I had spoken out of turn. Had Mahu been here I’m sure he would have beaten me. Would she call him?

She shook her head. “No. I would not.” There was a glint in her eye. Her tongue roved over her bottom lip before she continued. “No, I have never forced myself on a man or a woman. I’ve never had to. When I ask for something I get it, there is never any hesitation, but you seem different. I won’t lie, I’m fascinated by that. It makes me want you more. My flesh is burning hot for you like I’m in the throes of fever. I am wetter now than I’ve ever been and I can’t decide whether I want you to deny me more than I want your face between my legs. Which is why I’m going to make you an offer.” Her lips pulled into a half smile. “Refuse me and I’ll free you. You will no longer be my slave. I’ll let you go. I’ll even give you a dozen camels, a chest of gold and your own guards to escort you wherever you might wish.”

My mind tumbled and turned, unable to process what was going on. The dirty fantasies that Ahset was voicing should have shocked me, they should have made me embarrassed, surrounded as we were by men. Instead, they made me desperate to see the body beneath her robes, to trace a finger around her dark nipples and bury my face in her mound.

But she’d offered me a way out. Perhaps I should take it? Perhaps this was my only chance to find…what? A way home? If this was real then I had no idea how to do that. If it was a dream or some sort of hallucination then there would be no consequences to remaining.

I bent down and took hold of the hem of my shift dress. As I lifted it, the air moving over my damp pussy made me shiver and I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped my lips. Ahset smiled and watched as the dress slid up to the tops of my thighs, and with an effort of will I raised it further, displaying myself to her, displaying my bottom to the waiting guards. My stomach clenched, the heat rising to my face, but the look she gave me was predatory.

She wanted to dive in.

“Stop,” she said, her voice low, quivering. “Take my deal. Deny me, I dare you.”

I shook my head as I lifted further, the fabric tickling my bare belly, the bottom of my rib-cage, then brushing my hard nipples, stimulating them so they drew tighter.

Queen Ahset bleated, straightening up and pressing her legs together. “Please stop,” she whispered, her eyes wide as I pulled the dress over my head and dropped it on the ground.

I stood before her, naked, needy. I knew that she could see the dew between my legs, could see it glistening on my inner thighs. She drank me in with her eyes, her mouth gaping. I watched her gulp back the dryness.

“I told you to stop. I should have you whipped.” Her voice was absent, breathy, hoarse.

I flattened my hand against my belly, then slid it down over my abdomen, over my pelvis, through the soft, thick hair to cup my pussy. I wriggled my fingertips suggestively, coating them in my arousal, then brought my hand to my face and licked the juice from my forefinger.

“If you want me whipped,” I muttered, “do it yourself.”

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