Free Fiction: Sweet Little Thing

body-1095225_1280“Coochie, coochie, coo!”

“So adorable, couldn’t you just eat him up?”

“Aww, what a sweet little thing!”

The ladies at the church were so enthralled, it was almost as an afterthought that Mrs Hopeforth asked Gail whether there was anything she could do to help. Maybe bake a couple of loaves of bread? Gail smiled, thanked her, said that would be lovely. Being the first woman vicar in the village had its advantages; usually everyone wanted to take care of her. Today, however, she was not the centre of attention.

Gail caught Darren’s eye, drawing a half smirk of amusement. She stifled a laugh of her own. It was all right for him. Being the husband of the vicar wasn’t a position of much responsibility. For her, it was definitely not the time.

“So tiny!”

“Aww, I think he just smiled!”

“Don’t be silly, Melissa, he’s only two weeks old! It’s just wind.”

Nine and a half months earlier…

Gail cried out, sweat covering every lotion-smeared inch of her body. Her feet, raised over her head and attached to the headboard, strained against the bonds. Her back ached, but it was a good ache. It was the kind of ache that you knew would dissipate slowly as you slept. Not that she would be sleeping yet. Oh no, the main event was still to come.

She turned her head the few degrees that the collar allowed, and had to strain her eyes right into the corners to watch what was going on on the floor. Lisa was spreadeagled over a plastic sheet, attached to the bed at the posts, and the wall at hooks that had been installed for just this purpose. Lisa’s stomach palpitated as Darren worked his tongue between her legs, his nose resting firmly against the strip of fiery pubic hair.

“My pussy is drenched!” Gail wanted to shout. Instead, around the ball gag, it came out asΒ mmfrfrm-mmfrrff.

Lisa rolled her head slowly and grinned, sticking out her tongue.Β Bitch. No ball gag for her. Oh no, not Little MissΒ Don’t-You-Dare-Smudge-My-Lipstick. She arched her back, pushing her clitoris forward for Darren to pleasure, and Gail rolled her eyes as she heard him sigh.

She tried to scream, “My turn now!” but only managedΒ mfrm-mrf. Frustrating.

There was no way she could touch herself, no way she could even rub herself. She settled for squeezing her pelvic muscles as she strained to watch her best friend being pleasured by her husband, right beneath the picture of Jesus that bounced up and down on the table every time Lisa shuddered.

As Lisa cried out (“Yes, fuck, I’m going to drench your face!” She could actually form words), Gail squeezed her anal sphincter around the butt plug and bleated, biting her bottom lip hard against the sudden bolt of pleasure.

Then, it really was her turn.

Darren positioned himself between her legs, where he teased her beautifully with gentle touches and strokes, forcing her knees further apart and kissing and nibbling at the sensitive flesh of her thighs. But it was Lisa who gently kissed her throat, who circled her nipples with her tongue, who made her shiver by tracing fingertips along her ribs.

As Darren entered Gail, bare-back because they were trying for a baby, Lisa – who was married to him years before Gail came on the scene – whispered gently. “He may be fucking you, but I’m going to make you cum.”

And it was true. As Darren’s cock slid forcefully in and out of her well prepared hole, Gail delighted in Lisa’s gentle touch, the way her hand slid easily over Gail’s belly, down over her mound, flicking her clit. She enjoyed every kiss and lick from Lisa’s mouth, the way Lisa’s hair fell against her sensitive flesh, tickling like a thousand tiny tendrils.

When Darren blew his load inside her, Gail screamed and joined him, but it was Lisa’s pretty face that she was watching.

After the ball gag was removed, and after she took a few grateful deep breaths, she sighed and smiled at the best friend a girl could ever have.

“Sweet little thing,” she said. “Such a sweet little thing.”

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 167. If you didn’t arrive here from there, head over for a very arousing image and a whole host of free erotic fiction to suit all tastes!


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