Double Dangerous

Astral gasped as I pushed her against the railing, mewled a high-pitched “oh” and grabbed a handful of my hair. She snapped my head back, stared into my eyes, grinned and laughed. I let my mouth drop open, wetted my lips with a slow tongue, gulped back saliva. I wriggled and whimpered, but she held me tight. Pain shot through my head, such exquisite pain it made me groan, made me wet. Her gaze flicked over my body, taking in every curve, lighting on my breasts, my nipples pressed hard against the cotton of my bikini. I wanted her. It was as if all the years of denial had finally blown their safety valve. She smelled sweet, alcoholic, intoxicating.

From “Double Dangerous“, published on

I’m very excited to announce that my short lesbian love story, Double Dangerous, is out now on Frolic Me.

What’s Frolic Me? It’s an adult website that caters to the more discerning visitor. Production values are high in the adult videos and photos that appear on the site, there’s a members’ “magazine”, and it regularly features erotic fiction.

This is the second story that I’ve had published on the site. You can access my previous story, “Anal Adoration”, here.

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