Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Tiger Stripes: The Pool Girl” by Sorcha Rowan

Themes: lesbian, oral, cunnilingus, mouth-to-ass, masturbation, exhibitionism, flirting, older woman, MILF, first time lesbian

Reading Time: ~20 – 40 mins

Author: Sorcha Rowan

Link: Tiger Stripes: The Pool Girl on Amazon (free in KU)

Playful, rich widow Freya is delighted when her new pool maintenance company sends over a hot young girl to carry out the first inspection and give her a quote. Interrupted in the middle of a masturbation session, Freya soon finds an alternative outlet for her sexual needs.

One thing I’ve learnt about Sorcha Rowan is that she’s an expert at the slow build. The flirtation between Freya and the pool girl of the title, Gail, is superb and tantalisingly sexy. There’s plenty of double entendre and shy (and not so shy) glances between the pair to get you lightly playing along. I also adored the description of the masturbation session at the beginning of the book, which was a great tease. Then, of course, there’s the main event, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. I absolutely adored The Pool Girl and had lots of fun reading it!

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