Boys Kissing Boys

pexels-photo-247918.jpegLet me tell you a little story about yesterday morning. Yesterday morning, I was writing a sweet and sexy lesbian romance. This will be coming soon, once I’ve finished it. But my mind would not settle. Why wouldn’t it settle? Because it kept running to fantasies about watching hot boys kissing other hot boys and not a woman in sight…

So, what’s a girl to do? I finished the chapter of the lesbian romance that I was writing, searched out a few nice images of male-male love and (once I’d taken the time to er, fully enjoy them) started on a M/M short.

The result of this is a new collection started on Radish (yep, I’m Radish crazy at the moment), called “Boys Kissing Boys” (harking back to my original fantasy). The first part of the first story is there now for free if you want to check it out. These will be a series of interlinked all male shorts and may or may not involve a supernatural character or two along the way…

Let me know if there’s any particular fantasy that you’d like me to indulge, and I’ll try to accommodate along the way!

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