Free Erotica: Fiery Heat Part 1

Fiery Heat Small“It won’t work,” Rick said, rolling his eyes.

Harry was shaking his head. “Don’t be stupid, Daze. It’s too fucking big. You’d have to score a critical hit.”

Daisy ignored their protests. “I cast fireball,” she said again.

I opened my mouth to speak, to suggest that she should listen to her teammates. After all, this was her first campaign. She deserved a bit of leniency. Then she met my eyes, and I fell silent.

“Bonnie, tell her.” Rick’s eyes were pleading. “We’re going to lose because she’s being stupid.”

Daisy worked with me at the New Road Cinema. She worked closely with me. Very closely. I mean, she was really a friend of Harry’s, but now that I thought about it, sometimes she worked a little too closely with me. And the way she was looking at me right now…

“Sis?” Harry raised an eyebrow and I took a deep breath. “Your call. You’re the dungeon master.”

Harry was my younger brother, but sometimes it seemed like he was the more mature one. He enjoyed D&D, but never fully invested in the games the way I did. Well, maybe back when he was 17 and I was 19, back when we first started playing, but not now.

“I cast fireball,” Daisy said again.

I nodded, handed her the two dice. She needed a critical hit, Harry was right about that. But right now I’d do anything she said.

She threw the dice across the table. A three and a four. Harry and Rick both groaned, exasperated. It wasn’t nearly enough to win the fight.

Slowly, Daisy uncrossed her legs. She kept her eyes on me as her skirt rode up her thighs, spread her knees apart, displayed panties striped with pink and grey, then recrossed her legs. She bit her lower lip. My mouth was so dry it felt like she just cast fireball right into my face.

“So she’s dead, right?” Harry’s voice sounded distant.

I swallowed, felt the heat between my legs. “Um…”

“I mean, that’s only going to anger it. It’s going to turn on her, right?”

“No,” I said.

“What? Why?”

I said the first thing that came into my head. “It’s an illusion.”

Harry and Rick laughed incredulously. They said something, accused me of going easy because Daisy was new. Daisy just kept her eyes on me. Her body swayed gently, her eyelids drooped. She made me ache with longing.

“We’ll, erm, leave it there…for today. Harry, you’ll take Rick home, won’t you?”

There was some sort of response, but I didn’t hear it.

This multi-part story was written for Masturbation Monday. Buy the book to read the rest!


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