Free Erotica: Caught Part 7

sharon-christina-rorvik-180704-unsplashThis is Part 7 of an ongoing story. If you haven’t read the rest of “Caught” I suggest you start with Caught Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Β andΒ Part 6.


I kept my eyes on Amelia as I pulled my shirt up over my head. I mean, this felt weird, I wasn’t going to deny it. Every part of my logical brain was telling me she wouldn’t be OK with this, that I’d see a flicker of something else cross her face as I stripped. Trouble was, my logical brain wasn’t the driving force in that moment.

She reached out a finger and ran it between my pecs, down my stomach. It made me shiver and gasp a short breath. My body wasn’t quite what it used to be, certainly not like Coren’s, and I wondered what was going through her mind. She was friends with Coren long before I came along. Had they ever…

Pushing the thought out of my mind, I leaned in for a kiss and she accepted it with a smirk.

“So, what, are you going to shower with your trousers on?”

She glanced down and my already throbbing cock engorged just a little more. The idea of her watching me…watching us…shit. I took a deep breath, hoping none of them noticed how nervous I was at that moment.

Coren snorted a laugh. “If you’re not quick, man, we’ll be done before you even get a look in.”

To my surprise, Amelia started fumbling with my belt. To my greater surprise, I didn’t even try to stop her.

The buckle slid aside, the button on my trousers was unfastened, and I tensed up as the zipper was lowered. Obviously, this wasn’t the first time Amelia had stripped me out of my clothes. But it was the first time with an audience.

I heard a squeak from the shower, and glanced across to see Ed leaning back against Coren, his eyes closed once again as his cock slid gently between Coren’s fingers, soap bubbles making the delicate skin slick, glistening in his pubic hair, pearling like precum at the tip of his exposed head.

My mind wandered as Amelia grabbed the waistband of my trousers along with the waistband of my boxers underneath, and started pulling them down. I couldn’t see Coren’s cock. The way Ed was moaning, the way he was moving up and down as he leaned back against the ocean of solid muscle that was Coren’s body, I couldn’t help but imagine-

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned, biting my lip painfully as Amelia’s lips slid gently over the head of my cock, her tongue lapping playfully at the tip. “Shi—t.” I absently gripped her hair, but she pulled away.

She smacked my ass playfully as she stood, then kissed my lips. “Now, go play, Coren’s waiting.”

I met Coren’s eyes and he smirked as he leaned in to gently bite Ed’s ear, making him yelp and squirm.

“What do you think of his package?” Coren asked, his voice a stage whisper, barely audible over the rush of the water. “You like what you see?”

My heart thundered as I stepped toward the shower. I’d never done anything like this before, but Coren and Ed were good looking guys. And they were my friends. They’d go slowly with me.

Ed nodded as my cock bounced up and down. On a moan, he said, “I like it.”

“Good boy,” said Coren. “I want you to suck him off.”

My head went light as I stepped into the shower. All eyes were on me. I was the centre of attention. And I was about to be thrown in at the deep end.

(Read Part 8 of Caught)

Sorry it’s been a little while, guys! This part of “Caught” was written for Masturbation Monday Week 199. Head over there for the web’s best erotica, sexy photography, poetry and more!


19 thoughts on “Free Erotica: Caught Part 7

  1. Love how complicit Amelia is, and its rather sexy how dominant Coren is being with Ed. Love your punch line! really works.

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