Free Erotica: Caught Part 1

man-2498702_640Coren must have thought he was there alone.

After all, usually the apartment was empty on a Thursday evening, when I was out at football practice and Hugh had date night with Amelia. But that night, football was cancelled.

The light spilled out from the bathroom into the hall, and it was a complete accident when I spotted him. The hiss from the shower almost drowned out his terrible rendition ofย I Will Survive. I chuckled a little to myself, thinking of how Hugh would rip into him for that one.

Yes, clearly Coren thought he was alone.

I had never seen my roommate naked before. Soap bubbles hung like a mane around his shoulders as the water cascaded over his head, down the curve of his back, over muscular buttocks that shifted up and down as he twisted and turned. Short dark hair was plastered to his scalp, a tattoo of a wolf on his left shoulder blade shifting and puckering as he lathered himself.

The door was only open a crack, just enough to let the steam escape into the hall. I thought about heading back to my room, but I was frozen in place.

“Something something that mad look in outer space…” Coren tried to whistle the tune but the water got into his mouth and he just spat it against the glass panel, then sighed, rubbing soap into his hair.

I bit my lip as I watched, my erection growing, partly because I’d never noticed before just how good looking Coren was, but also partly because of the situation. Watching him shower, unexpected, unintended. I’d never had those kind of thoughts about other men before, but I can appreciate a sexy moment when I’m in one.

Coren let out a moan, then turned, eyes closed, letting the water hit his back and giving me a full frontal view.

And it was magnificent.

I already knew that Coren was a bit of a health freak, of course. Me and Hugh had never tempted him with a slice of pizza or a sneaky Friday night takeaway. But all those salads and smoothies must be high in protein because he was sculpted. I mean, like a bodybuilder. Wide, thick pectorals seemed to hang from his shoulders. Below them, his abs were just slightly mismatched, so that those on the left sat higher than those on the right. And they all pointed down to a crotch shaved clean of hair.

And there, between his legs, his cock swung lazily.

It was soft, but still big. My mouth was dry as I watched it bounce with his movements, the bulbous head visibly shaping the foreskin, a couple of veins twisting and winding along the topside.

I shifted from one foot to the other, sure I should stop watching now even as the bulge in my pants grew firm and uncomfortable. Coren ran a soapy hand down, over his abs, and massaged his crotch, cock and balls rolling through his fingers.

My mouth dropped open as I watched him play, watched him stroke his soft length. My cock swelled with need as I imagined myself touching Coren, making him moan. I knew that I should go, that I should stop watching, but I couldn’t.

Then, without warning, a high-pitched squeak escaped my lips.

(Read Part 2 of Caught)

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 184. Head over to Kayla Lords’ Masturbation Monday page for more erotica, photography, poetry and blogs!


26 thoughts on “Free Erotica: Caught Part 1

  1. Aahh! He squeaked! OMG what happens now? I loved this – escellent writing. The back and forth between “should go” and needed one more moment – excellent! thank you!

  2. What an opening segment! Wow! More Please!
    Love the illicitness, the ‘I’ve never felt this way before’ sensation, the ‘I should go, but I want to stay a little longer’ inner turmoil – ecellent!

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