Free and Reduced Price Erotica eBooks This Weekend

You might already know that most of my erotica eBooks are only on Amazon at the moment instead of being available from other places like Smashwords and Kobo. It’s because my Amazon sales were much better than any of the others – sorry, I’ve gone where the money is.

But putting my erotica eBooks (paperbacks are available everywhere) on Amazon doesn’t just mean they’re free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited, it also means I can do free promotions and price reductions too. That’s good news, right? Well, I’m doing a mini sale this weekend for Friday (18th Jan), Saturday and Sunday. A couple of my books will be free, and lots of others have price reductions.

These erotica eBooks will be totally FREE:

These erotica eBooks are reduced to just 99c/99p:

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