Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Girls Do It Better redux” by Asrai Devin

Themes: lesbian, oral sex, romantic intimacy

Reading Time: ~5 mins

Author: Asrai Devin

Link: Girls Do It Better redux on Asrai’s blog

In GDIB redux, international pop sensation Zena and her girlfriend Alexa simply enjoy each other’s bodies in what is ultimately a very short lesbian erotica scene. But that description really doesn’t do this story justice, because the characters that Asrai has created are living, breathing entities. They interact with each other so perfectly, so much is said without being said, that it’s a masterpiece all of its own and incredibly sexy. I defy anyone to get to the end without getting horny.

This is one of a number of stories in this lesbian erotica series, and I’ll get around to adding links to the others at some point because they are HOT! But at the moment you can find them all by heading over to Asrai’s blog.


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