Free Lesbian Erotica: The Queen’s Chambers Part 1

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This week’s story is a sequel to last week’s lesbian erotica, “Egyptology“. While “The Queen’s Chambers” technically stands alone, I would strongly suggest reading Egyptology first in order to understand what’s going on here.

Reading Time: Approx. 5-10 mins

I struggled, but the guards held me tight, their fingers gripping my upper arms as they dragged me down the corridor. At first I had refused to walk, but that only meant my feet scraping on the stone tiles, every sharp edge cutting into my toes, so now I tried desperately to keep up with their long strides.

“Where are you taking me?”

Fear and confusion battled for supremacy inside my mind. One moment I had been in the tomb of Queen Ahset with Professor Rayes, exhausted from our lovemaking. And the next…well, I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened next. Suddenly I found myself dressed in nothing but a light shift dress, in a bare stone room, laying on thin straw bales. When men clattered into the room, shouting and bearing down on me, I screamed and backed against the wall, only to be roughly grabbed and dragged away.

“Please, what is this place?”

For all my protestations, I knew exactly where I was. The torches ensconced on the walls, the dress of the guards – short, cloth skirts with leather belts that left muscular torsos uncovered – the smell of incense not-quite-masking less pleasant odours…I knew where I was, I just refused to believe it.

“Quiet, slave.” One of the guards finally broke his silence, turning to me with a look of annoyance. Some sort of eyeshadow gave him a fierce appearance, like his blue eyes were shining with a light of their own. “You’re lucky the queen wants you unhurt or I’d break your arm right now.” He twisted his grip, forcing my elbow back, and I screamed with pain.

What was happening? I felt tears spring in my eyes, but forced them away. I wasn’t a woman who cried when I was afraid. There had to be some logical explanation to all this.

In my panic, I grabbed onto the first thing that didn’t make sense: why were the guards speaking English? That was clearly a fallacy to what my eyes were telling me. And I was speaking English too, but they clearly understood what I was saying. Since my senses were telling me this was some time before the Roman period of Egyptian rule, and my own language wouldn’t even come into existence for at least a thousand years, that was clearly impossible.

But what exactly did that mean? Was I hallucinating? Dreaming? It seemed far too real for either scenario.

We turned a corner and large wooden doors came into view. I was marched down to them, then held back as the guards knocked heavily. The doors swung open and I was thrust inside.

The room I found myself in was decadent beyond words. Soft furnishings everywhere, a bed covered in furs, blankets and pillows, more furs strewn over the floor, stone vases filled with so many flowers that their scent was almost overpowering.

And there, in the centre of it all, I saw her.

“Roxhana?” I blinked, hardly able to believe my eyes. She was here too? I felt my body relax at the sight of a friendly face. The face of my lover. “Thank God, what the bloody hell is happening?”

The blow to the side of my head was completely unexpected, sending my senses reeling for a moment. I barely heard the words of the guard as I fell against the carpeted floor and braced myself in expectation of another blow: “Impudent girl! How dare you speak in the presence of the queen?”

“Ah, ah.” Roxhana’s voice came through, calm and almost disinterested. “That’s enough, Mahu.”

He growled. “Yes, my queen.”

I glanced around the room, but didn’t stand. What the hell was going on? The guard – Mahu – stood glaring at me, while three more guards, the one who brought me here with Mahu and two others I didn’t recognise, stood stock still at their posts either side of the door. Their eyes were fixed ahead, as if they hadn’t seen a thing. Roxhana, who I expected to be concerned, looked at me with a very visible carnal interest that confused my mind, making me both excited and fearful.

“Leave us,” she demanded.

“Pharaoh Ahset, I don’t think that’s a good idea. She seems-”

“Get the fuck out. I won’t ask you twice.”

He hesitated, glancing down at me, then up at Roxhana. “Pharaoh-”

“I shall make you a eunuch.”

His broad chest rose and fell with deep breaths for what seemed like an age. Then he finally nodded. “Yes, my queen.”

As soon as he was out of the door, Roxhana turned to me and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. It glistened, ruby-coloured lipstick dewy with saliva, and a half smile played over her face. “What does Roxhana mean?”

“It’s…” My stomach flipped. She didn’t know me. Whatever means had transported us here had left Professor Rayes with no memory of who she was. Did she really believe herself to be…

Pharaoh Ahset. Queen Ahset. The very same Egyptian queen whose tomb we had been working on together, whose tomb we had been in just before I found myself here.

“It means goddess,” I said, saying the first thing that came into my mind as I tried to make sense of everything but came up short.

She grinned and laughed. It sent a shiver of need pulsing through my body, knowing that the only time the professor – my professor – ever laughed was when she was thinking of where my tongue might explore her flesh. It made me damp between my legs.

“Do you think I am a goddess, or are you telling me that I am as beautiful as a goddess?”

I hesitated, gulping the warm, dry air. “Both…Pharaoh Ahset.”

She grinned. “Well, you are adorable, aren’t you, slave? What’s your name?”

Hearing her call me adorable sent a blush spreading over my face, and I averted my eyes as I spoke. “Monica.”

“I apologise for Mahu. Are you injured? Can you stand?”

“No.” I shook my head. “I mean, I think I can stand.”

“Good. Stand.”

I did as she ordered, wanting to please her the way I always tried to please her when she was my teacher. I pushed myself up from the bearskin I had fallen on, wincing against the throbbing pain over the side of my face. I was sure it was only superficial, but it still hurt.

“You’re very pretty,” she said, her dark eyes roving over my body.

I felt my nipples peak against the thin fabric, and watched as her gaze settled on them. It felt like she was touching me, pinching them, setting my nerves ablaze. I shivered with desire and stifled the urge to mewl.

“Strip for me,” she demanded.

Continue to The Queen’s Chambers Part 2!

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