Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “The Pledge” by K.C. Bloom

Themes: lesbian, first time, flirting, kissing, exhibitionism, oral sex, cunnilingus

Reading Time: ~10 mins

Author: K. C. Bloom

Link: The Pledge on Sorcha Rowan’s blog

Sorority pledge Lola is challenged to make a video of herself making out with another girl and post it to Snapchat. Nervous, shy and out of her depth, she wanders into a lesbian bar and starts chatting up an older woman. But once she gets to know Cynthia, all bets are off. As the two flirt and kiss, Lola finds herself falling deeper and deeper under Cynthia’s spell, and what starts out as a dare finishes very differently…

My fingers are tingly while I’m writing this review because I wanted to get my thoughts down while they’re still fresh. I literally couldn’t contain myself as I read The Pledge, it’s just one incredibly sexy moment after the next and builds the heat at exactly the right pace. Wet patch in my panties? Squirmy? Sliding fingers up and down between my legs? Check check check. I had to fan myself to calm down.

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