The Queen’s Chambers eBook is live

She laid the flogger over her lap, a wooden handled instrument with a dozen short leather tails that she played with absently. The smell of her arousal grew stronger, sweet and musky in the darkness of her chamber. Her eyes roved over my body and I felt my nipples grow tighter, pressing my thighs together as dampness spread between them. A little shiver ran up my spine as a fresh gush leaked from my pussy, and that was all the excuse she needed.

– The Queen’s Chambers Part 4

Hey, so you’ve been following the free chapters of The Queen’s Chambers that I’ve been putting on my blog and I’m really grateful for all the reads and comments! The eBook version will be bigger, sexier and a lot juicier, and you can pre-order it right now over on Amazon.

The cover isn’t finalized yet, and I’m struggling to decide what’s going to get people’s eyes to pop. Take a look at the three options here and let me know in the comments if you have a preference (and why). Alternatively, do you prefer the image I’ve been using for the free parts and should I adapt that into a cover? I’m just not sure!

The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover    The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover option 2.jpg    The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover option 3

5 thoughts on “The Queen’s Chambers eBook is live

  1. I like the one you’ve been using for earlier parts the best, and then the bottom of these 3 options here is my second choice – they have much more ‘simmer’ and sexual tension implied than the top 2.
    You have me hooked, I am going to go and purchase the rest when you say it’s ready to go. x

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