Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Love Starts In The Bathroom” by Sorcha Rowan

Themes: lesbian, friends to lovers, first time, oral sex, cunnilingus, anal, public sex

Reading Time: ~10-15 mins.

Author: Sorcha Rowan

Link: Love Starts In The Bathroom on Sorcha’s blog

Following a disastrous blind date, Posy and her best friend Evelyn have a girl-on-girl encounter in the restaurant bathroom. With the diners just the other side of the wall, and Posy making little effort to keep quiet, Evelyn eats her out as an apology for her behaviour at dinner.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I’ve had an enforced celibacy for over a week now as I’ve been so busy (well, not entirely celibate, perish the thought, but I haven’t had much time to actually relax with a story in one hand and the other between my legs). This was a great way to end that, er, dry spell. The descriptions were sexy, the characters were fun and the scene was a hot first lesbian encounter. Loved it!

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2 thoughts on “Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Love Starts In The Bathroom” by Sorcha Rowan

  1. This one alway Startles me as I was the inspiration for the Posy character – but I love it! I even helped Sorcha with appropriate British colloquialisms! She’s a great writer & always strives to give diversity of body type & ethnicity to her central characters. This is awarded 4/5 fanny gallops by me too!!

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