Free Lesbian Erotica: Rhythm

Enjoy this short lesbian erotica, then stick around at the end of the post for an exclusive excerpt from The Queen’s Chambers!

friflashprompt45Reading time: Approx. 2 mins

The way she moved made me tingle with need. She turned and swirled with the rhythm, skirt rising in a ring around her waist, flashing long legs, a dancer’s thighs, the curve of buttocks beneath thin panties. The crowd clapped, the music crashed and swam, the lights glinted from beads of sweat. Her partner was tall and handsome, but every now and then her eyes caught mine.

Afterwards, I hung around in the wings. Somehow she knew I’d be there.

“Miss Yeats would like to see you in her dressing room.” The bouncer looked uncomfortable delivering the invitation.

I nodded and followed him, and he left me at her door. I didn’t bother to knock or introduce myself. Undressed to her underwear she sat there waiting for me, eyes roving over my face, my throat, my breasts, my hips. She opened her lips and her thighs, chest rising with heavy breaths. I crossed the room and crouched in front of her, then took her face in my hands and crashed my lips into hers.

She squeaked and arched away from me, and I followed her back, letting my fingers drift to those thin panties, damp with need, shifting them aside as I kissed her throat and whispered the only name I knew.

Miss Yeats.

Her laugh was indulgent, but she didn’t correct me. She didn’t give me her first name. She mewled and moved her body in rhythm with my caresses, helping me to bring her to orgasm.

Shortly after she hit her crescendo, I left, ignoring the gaze of others who had heard her screams. I found the bouncer who’d taken me to her and pressed a slip of paper into his palm, my phone number scrawled across it.

“Give it to Miss Yeats,” I said, staring into his face to be sure he understood. “But not until she asks for me.”

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Lesbian BDSM Erotica Excerpt: The Queen’s Chambers

The Queen’s Chambers is now available for pre-order for just 99c/99p on Amazon. If you’ve been following this time-bending lesbian BDSM erotica, you’ll already know the characters, but this excerpt is from the beginning of the book when they’re still in modern Egypt.

“The rest of our luggage has arrived, thank goodness.” Professor Roxhana Rayes didn’t bother with pleasantries. She believed such things were for hostesses and dutiful wives, not women of science. “I’ll be able to change into a clean shirt at least.” She glanced my way, dragging my trunk into the room and depositing it by the door. “Good grief, Monica, aren’t you suffocated under that sheet?”

I shifted on the bed, turning my body away from her and crossing one leg over the other. “I’m not decent and I thought you might be someone else.” My heart thundered and I didn’t remove the sheet. If anything, I wanted to wrap it tighter around my shoulders, self conscious as my nipples began to tighten beneath the thin brassiere that covered them.

“Oh, really, Monica, how prudish you are.” She waited for a moment, as if expecting me to remove the sheet, then shook her head. “Are you really so shy around other women?”

Not any other women, I wanted to say, just you.

The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover

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“Rhythm” was written for Masturbation Monday Week 237, Wicked Wednesday #355 and Friday Flash No. 45 (from which I got the idea for the story). Head over to the MM, WW and FF pages for more sexy blog posts, erotica and images!


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  1. It’s nice seeing women just grabbing what they want – the trope is that’s a male prerogative. Hot stuff!

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