Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “My New Master” by Timothy Bishop

Themes: gay male, oral sex, blowjob, older man, rimjob

Reading Time: ~15 – 30 mins

Author: Timothy Bishop

Link: My New Master on Bellesa

Twenty-two year old James and his older, university professor lover, Dragan, take their relationship to the next level in Dragan’s apartment in this surprisingly sensitive, loving and very sexy little tale.

I really enjoyed myself while reading “My New Master”. The characters are superbly well created, and despite the relatively few words here you really get a sense for who Dragan Popovic is – a bit of a local celebrity; a strong, confident gay man; a wonderfully self-assured and generous lover. The sex is superbly written too, with plenty of intimate details, and the addition of a rimjob was an unexpected but not unwelcome pleasure!

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