Flat Tire – New Gay Male Erotica Coming 28th April on Sunsette

Maybe it was the situation. Maybe it was his refusal to do as I asked. Maybe it was just the aftereffects of the stress. But I found myself getting aroused as we stared each other down. It felt like a kind of ritual, like a game. Who would blink first? He was younger, probably stronger in the end, but I was no pushover.

– Lawrence

man-1891279_1280Hey everyone! So, I may have dropped my commitment to free weekly erotica stories, but I haven’t been squandering that extra writing time at all. I’d like to introduce you all to a little gay male erotica I like to call “Flat Tire”. It’s got a few tropes I know a lot of you are into, including:

  • Oral sex
  • Outdoor sex (and the ever present danger of being caught)
  • First time gay sex for an ostensibly straight guy
  • An older guy (he’s the one going gay for the first time!)
  • A little bit of horseplay and aggression during the interplay between the characters

It’s a really hot story and I’m thrilled to have it going out on the Sunsette app on the 28th April 2019. This will be my second story published on the app, but if you want to be able to read it you’ll need to subscribe prior to publication – and due to the restrictions in the contract I have with Sunsette I won’t be publishing the story anywhere else any time soon, so this really is your only chance.

Nicci x

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3 thoughts on “Flat Tire – New Gay Male Erotica Coming 28th April on Sunsette

  1. The story sounds very intriguing – I may have to try out this app!
    Glad you’re getting paid for your excellent story-crafting x

    • Aww, thanks Posy! I already have a lesbian story published with them, but you won’t get that by subscribing now unfortunately – you only get access to new stories going forward. That said, they’ve already published it a second time through the app so it’s possible they might do so again…

      • I’ve been finding out about writing for them too, so I want to find out more about the app from both angles. Well done you!

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