Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Baited and Mated” by Fel Fern

Themes: gay male, werewolf, shifter, paranormal, oral sex, anal sex, public nudity, romance

Reading Time: ~1 – 3 hours

Author: Fel Fern

Link: Baited and Mated on Smashwords

Noah never backed away from a challenge. Leaning in close, he took Matt’s dick and lapped at Matt’s pre-cum. The powerful Alpha gripped his hair close and the little bit of pain sent a thrill down Noah’s spine. Encouraged, Noah began sucking at Matt’s cock head, before taking the huge Alpha between his lips.

Sparks fly in more ways than one when a dominant Alpha and a submissive Omega werewolf are involved in a minor collision on a country road.

I’ve been away on holiday this last week, and “Baited and Mated” was one of my holiday reads. I really enjoyed myself with this one! The storyline is kept deliberately simple, but there‚Äôs still a strong romance element along with the dominant erotic content. Both werewolves are super hot, and their individual personalities play off each other for maximum sparks, making the sex very squirmy and lots of fun. By the time both wolves were taking off clothes I was already happily reaching between my legs and there was still more than half the book to go. Not only is this a great one-handed read but it’s a satisfying and good value book!

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