A Forbidden Lesbian Past That Will Make You Squirm…

“You seem to be enjoying your punishment, slave. Maybe I should devise something less pleasurable for our next encounter. What do you think?”

I didn’t move. I didn’t answer. I wasn’t going to be fooled, not again.

The third strike took me by surprise and I let out a low moan that shuddered my core. “Thank you, Roxhana.”

Closing my eyes, I expected more, but Queen Ahset laughed.

“Oh, you are enjoying yourself. Look at this river.”

The Queen’s Chambers

Do you want time travel, lesbian domination, sex and debauchery? The Queen’s Chambers is now live on Amazon – and free to read in Kindle Unlimited!

But I know you want more!

You want to read about Queen Ahset’s naughty lesbian past, right? You want to know what happened between her and her best friend, right after her coronation… Well I’ve written an exclusive flash fiction for F. Leonora Solomon’s blog that reveals all!

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