How To Turn A Shy Girl Into A Lesbian Domme…

Free Lesbian Erotica: “Becoming Queen”

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This flash fiction takes you back before Pharaoh Ahset’s role in “The Queen’s Chambers” to the day she became queen. Which was also the day she discovered a taste for domination…

The coronation had been embarrassing and far too lengthy. At twenty-one years old, all Ahset wanted was to dine on sweet fruits, enjoy music and dancing and perhaps travel the kingdom in comfort and safety. She certainly never wanted to be Pharaoh, and wouldn’t have needed to be if her brother had been more interested in sex and less interested in war. Produce an heir before dying of foolhardiness, that was all he had to do, and Ahset could have remained a forgotten sibling and doting aunt, comfortable but without duties of her own.

Of course, her chief guard, Mahu, had promised to take on most of the tasks associated with running the nation, and for that she was grateful, but she was under no illusions about his ambition. They had enjoyed each other more than once, but she had resisted the temptation to let his cock inside her. As a woman, there was a danger in producing an heir of her own, and she had no intention of doing so without careful consideration.

Turning the corner leading to her own chambers brought her out of the heat of the sun and to a cooler corridor, and the sight of her only friend in the world, waiting outside her door. Ahset felt herself relax at once. She had grown up with Maia. Their fathers and brothers had hunted and fought alongside each other. As girls they had hidden together in the palace kitchen, thinking the cook didn’t spot them stealing pastries. They had chased each other through corridors and received punishment together for misbehaving. And more recently, as young women, they had resisted attempts to tame them and prepare them for marriage and childbirth.

As usual, seeing Maia brought other feelings as well. As she turned from child to woman, and her own desires had started to take form, Ahset had found herself more and more drawn to the soft features of her best friend. Ebony skin, dark hair and darker eyes that seemed to reach inside Ahset’s body and open her up to possibilities almost too shocking to entertain. Often, when she was alone, she found herself fantasising about that slim waist, those large breasts, finding herself slick to the touch as she imagined tasting Maia’s flesh, taking a dark, hardened nipple between her lips, pressing her fingers into Maia’s sex.

She shivered at the thought, and forced a smile to her lips.

“Maia, thank the gods. I need to retreat from the world.”

To her surprise, instead of running forward and throwing her arms around her as she would usually, Maia took a step back, her eyes lowering in submission.

“Maia, what’s wro-”

“You sent for me, my queen.”

Maia dipped one knee, crouching low, then moved into a kneeling position, her palms flat on the stone floor. She leaned forward, bringing her chest to her knees with her arms outstretched, head bowed.

Confusion warred with arousal inside Ahset’s mind. In that moment, her desire for her friend multiplied a hundred fold as she became submissive, pliant, willing to serve. If anything, Maia had always been braver, more headstrong. When Ahset fantasised about being with her, it was always Maia who took the lead. It was always Maia that made demands and was obeyed. But now…

Maia looked willing. She looked pliant.

“I did,” Ahset heard herself saying. “Come inside my chamber with me.”

There was a moment when she thought Maia might refuse. Ahset wondered if her voice had betrayed her intentions; she felt her heart clutch at the thought of losing her best friend over desires she never would have acted upon under normal circumstances.

Then Maia’s head rose and there was a glint in her eyes, and Ahset felt her body shudder, liquid leaking between her thighs.

“Yes, my queen,” Maia whispered, and her tongue glanced over her lips.

Read an excerpt from The Queen’s Chambers

When Monica is sent hurtling back through time, she finds herself living as a slave in the palace of Pharaoh Ahset, who looks like a younger version of her professor and lover, Roxhana Rayes.

The chemistry between Monica and Ahset is immediately palpable, and it’s clear that Ahset’s dominance extends beyond her rule of Egypt to her sexual needs. Bending Monica to her will becomes her obsession, and the two women form an understanding that will come to define the tone of their relationship as Monica tries to figure out exactly what’s happened to her and how to get back home…

The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover

If this post gets 20 likes, I’ll write what happens between Ahset and Maia inside the newly crowned queen’s chamber…you know, I might do anyway, but 20 likes and it’s guaranteed!

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