New Free Erotica: “I Miss You” on FrolicMe


So so excited for you to read this one! It’s called “I Miss You” and it’s about a man who’s missing his wife (awww!) but she has a surprise in store for him even while she’s away (yay!!). They’re both swingers and he’s at a sex party, but the story takes place in the aftermath. Honestly, see what you think and let me know!

Oh, and you can also watch the film if you buy a subscription. I rather enjoyed myself when I saw it…

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5 thoughts on “New Free Erotica: “I Miss You” on FrolicMe

  1. How fabulous! I love the premise so I am clicking straight onto FrolicMe to read your story & then I’ll watch the film (because of course I subscribe – it’s delicious ethical porn and super sexy!). Can’t wait to read it.

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