Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “King of the Damned: Gay Vampire” by Tommy Twist

Would you resist the evil of this powerful vampire?


Erotica Themes: gay male, oral sex, vampires, paranormal, anal sex, blood

Reading Time: ~15 – 30 mins

Author: Tommy Twist (mailing list sign up)

Link: King of the Damned on Smashwords

Andrew moved closer to the older man, who removed his hat and set it on a mahogany table by the side of the bed. His hands then caressed Andrew’s face. Andrew shut his eyes, allowing the softness of the touch to wash over him. Criss’s hands were still cold, but so soft. So kind.

“Do you want to taste me?” He asked. Andrew opened his eyes, considering the question before nodding slowly.

“I do. I…”

Criss gently pressed on his shoulders, guiding him to the floor. Andrew again rubbed his hands against the straining meat within Criss’s pants. It seemed, somehow, even bigger than before. His mouth watered with anticipation.

After his parents find out he’s gay and disown him, Andrew meets the mysterious and irresistible Criss. But will following him back home be a good idea?

This story is a bit slow to start for such a short erotica, as it takes time setting up the characters and their situation, but the pay off is worth it. A very sexy scene in Criss’s home is followed by a nice little “epilogue” (it’s not marked as such, but that’s definitely how it feels) that lets you know how Andrew fares after the main event. The writing is sometimes just a little raw, rather than refined, but the sex scene is wonderfully described and well worth a read!


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