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the very muscular handsome sexy guy on   grey background, strictA lot of my erotica eBooks are coming to the end of their enrolment period on KDP Select. But I still have a few days here and there to use up on promotions! So from Wednesday 26th June (tomorrow) until Sunday 30th June (the last day of my enrolment period) you’ll find free and reduced books on my Amazon page.

Some of them will start on Thursday/Friday/Saturday depending on how many days/hours I still had to use up. So keep checking what’s new each day. I’ll try to update on my Twitter/Facebook to let my followers know what’s available.

Girl Next Door 2nd Edition v3Not all my books still had promotions left. And not all of them are at the end of their enrolment. But I’ve tried to include a selection of gay male/lesbian/hetero and fantasy/paranormal titles. So there should be something for everyone.

Anyway, stop by and see what you can pick up!

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