Nicci’s Recommended Reads: “American Vampire in London” by Kim Medhurst

What if that handsome stranger hides dark secrets?


Themes: vampires, lgbt+, fairies, paranormal, romance, urban fantasy, nightclubs, investigation, gritty

Reading Time: ~1 hour+

Author: Kim Medhurst on Twitter

Link: American Vampire in London on Kim’s blog

You ever had one of those days when you wished you had just stayed in bed? To just ignore the sun peeping through the curtains or the shrill of the alarm clock and just stay curled up beneath the big fluffy duvet, or better yet, stay beneath the big fluffy duvet with a warm naked body curled around you. Well I wasn’t having one of those days; I was having one of those weeks! Young girls were being attacked, left in heaps in alleyways, clothes torn, shivering, confused and weak. They remembered nothing, only they had been in the club, then blank, until they woke up in the dark. The police had no clue, don’t get me wrong, the police do good work, but this guy left nothing, no finger prints, DNA, not even a single hair. The blood work on the girls came back clean, apart from alcohol of course, but I knew what it was, a vampire.

A paranormal PI in London tracks a visiting emotional vampire, hoping to warn him off but ready to take things further if necessary. Along the way, there’s a lot of sexiness…

I enjoyed this story so much, I’ve added this new section to my website to accommodate it! OK, some bits aren’t “fully polished” but the construction of the plot and characters more than makes up for it being a little rough around the edges here and there. I love the dark grittiness of it, the crisp descriptions and the fun cast. Read it!

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