Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Tasty Treat” by May More

Do you have an unusual sex kink?


Erotica Themes: heterosexual, blowjob, kink, fetish, cum eating, cumshot

Reading Time: ~10 – 20 mins

Author: May More on Twitter

Link: Tasty Treat on FrolicMe

We hadn’t even left the restaurant at that point. In fact, we only made it to his car, which was parked in a dark alley. He pulled my skirt up, panties down, and pushed me onto the bonnet, muttering what sounded like French dirty words. Then, he slapped my bum a couple of times before shafting me until my beret came flying off in the commotion. We both laughed. That’s one of Ridge’s great traits, he can always see the funny side of anything.

A couple with an unusual kink make a sexy film for his enjoyment while he’s away on an oil rig.

This story is seriously fun. I love the humour and pure enjoyment of the characters, it’s so clear that they are deeply comfortable with each other. I found myself laughing a few times at little asides, but feeling constantly like I was being invited to share in the joy of the relationship. Nothing is rushed here. You get to know how the couple met, how their relationship developed and why the video makes sense before getting into the main action. That doesn’t disappoint either, with good details and descriptions to get you squirmy.

I read the story before I watched the film, and I’d suggest you do the same – the film makes a nice accompaniment, letting you finish yourself off to the physical sex after you already know the characters more intimately.

Special thanks to Posy Churchgate, who has become my Smutfinder General and steered me towards this gem!

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4 thoughts on “Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Tasty Treat” by May More

  1. I love my new title! Thank so much for validating my recommendation of this super sexy tale that May crated. I agree it is crammed full of humorous moments and erotic action, I hope everyone reads it and enjoys it as much as we did!

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