Free Lesbian Erotica: Mentor Meeting Part 5

Mentor Meeting Part 5This is the fifth part of my free lesbian erotica, “Mentor Meeting”. If you haven’t already read them, I suggest you start with Mentor Meeting Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4.

Reading Time: Approx. 5 mins

“Take off your panties,” I said. “Keep your stockings on.”

She laughed, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. “How demanding. What’s in it for me?”

Instead of answering, I stuck my tongue out between my lips and made licking motions. Georgina snorted a laugh and drew a sharp breath, but I could see the blush rising on her face.

“Why, Ms Hammond, I do believe I’ve embarrassed you.”

She raised one eyebrow, then hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her black panties. Slowly, she slid them down over her hips, wiggling suggestively as she went. Pale, bare flesh was revealed beneath, just a sliver of dark hair trailing down the centre, leading my eyes down as the black fabric slid lower. When the panties sat on her thighs, her pussy bared to me, she stopped and ran a finger over her belly, then down, between her legs, finding her labia and stroking them gently.

I gulped back the dryness in my throat, then huskily muttered, “You’re so beautiful.”


I nodded. “I want you so badly.”

There were noises in the corridor outside her office. Someone shouting, asking where I’d got to. My job was to do as I was told, to copy papers or prepare them for mailing out, to check files for errors or telephone clients when needed. Even to make coffee if everyone else was too busy. I was the lowest of the low. And here I was getting naked and dirty with one of the partners. In nine months’ time, when I had a performance review, I might be promoted. I might even get a desk of my own. Even then, Georgina would be my boss’s boss. That I’d been given her as a mentor was just blind luck.

She glanced at the door. “Perhaps we should stop?”

“Now who’s scared?”

Georgina giggled and shook her head. “Someone is going to come looking for you sooner or later. I don’t want this to be over, but we can continue later. There’s no rush.”

“You might go off me.”

“Hardly.” She rolled her eyes. “Come on, it’s a stupid risk.”

I shook my head. “Just push the chair up behind the door.”

For a moment, she stared at me, then she nodded. “You’re adorable, you know that?”

“I try.”

“You know, I’m going to have to make excuses for you missing the rest of the day. There’s no way when I’m done with you you’ll want to go back to work.” She winked and flashed me a grin, and I let my gaze wander over what I was about to enjoy. A slim, elegant neck, narrow shoulders, shapely breasts, a pinched waist and wide hips. She was like an art deco statue.

“Best get thinking about what you’re going to say then, hadn’t you?” I raised my eyebrows and grinned, and Georgina giggled. “I know, I know, I’m adorable. Now hurry, before someone comes.”

Georgina nodded and started pulling the panties back up around her waist.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m doing as I was told-”

“Take them off, Georgina. I said I wanted them off.”

Come back Friday August 2nd at 10pm GMT/5pm EST for Mentor Meeting Part 6…

Or if you can’t wait, the whole story is now available to buy as an eBook from Smashwords or Amazon! The eBook is just 99c/99p and includes the 5 parts already published, plus the next 4 parts that will be released here on my blog over the next 4 months.

Mentor Meeting Cover

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