New Erotica Release: “Toxic!”

Toxic CoverIt’s been ten years since the citizens of Confrontation City last heard of The Toxic Woman. She’s settled down, content in her marriage to The Pansophical Man and living a quiet life in her true identity: wealthy heiress Harriet Mason.

But when Harriet’s husband tries to have her killed, suspecting her of working with the nefarious Doctor Elastic, Harriet decides it’s time to dust off her antiheroine alter-ego and seek revenge on those who’ve wronged her.

In one night of passion, powerplay and intoxicating bodily fluids, this pain-addicted chemical accident will make her enemies regret crossing her path.

This is a short M/F erotica featuring superheroes/supervillains and a handful of erotica themes: pain, cunnilingus, blowjob, cumshot, stripping, voyeurism/exhibitionism and a little humour. Toxic! is available exclusively from Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited. You can read an excerpt here.


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