Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “The Bet” by Ria Restrepo

A contest between coworkers leads to voyeurism and masturbation


Erotica Themes: heterosexual, voyeurism, masturbation, coworker, teasing, bathing suits

Reading Time: ~5 – 15 mins

Author: Ria Restrepo (on Twitter)

Link: The Bet (on Ria’s blog)

“I’ll have you take off all your clothes. Slowly.”

He slid one hand down his chest and cupped the blatant erection outlined by his snug swim trunks. My heart rate picked up for a much different reason.

“Mmmm, I can’t wait to see those big tits you keep hidden behind those conservative tops.”

A slow build up leads to the unnamed narrator hiding in her coworker’s wardrobe at a hotel resort. Unwilling to admit defeat, all she can do is watch while he teases and masturbates in front of her.

This story hit a lot of the right buttons and it hit them hard. The slow build, the background to the characters, the voyeurism and the danger of being caught – even though the coworker in question knows full well she’s in there. Oh, and snug swimming trunks…why don’t men wear those very often any more??? I loved her little fantasies and asides, and the descriptions were brilliantly written. There’s plenty here to get you off if you’re anything like me!

Once again, a special thanks to Posy Churchgate for pointing me to this one (my Smutfinder General 😉 as I now know she likes to be called).

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5 thoughts on “Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “The Bet” by Ria Restrepo

  1. Wasn’t it delicious?! I love your summary of the sexy plot.
    On the topic of tight swim trunks – I think the wrong shaped guys always favoured them, which gave them a bad rep. But I used to admire the view – I love a pert male behind snugly encased in slippery fabric – hence my passion for men who wear panties! (ooops – Smutfinder General over-shares again!)

    • Hey, if you can’t share what turns you on on an erotica blog then there’s something seriously wrong with the world 😉 And for the record, I totally share that one!

      Good work SG xoxo

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