Last week for Masturbation Monday I wrote a story set in the tennis world of my planned “Love All” series. Here’s another short story set in the same world. I hope you enjoy!

I moved like a panther. Smooth, graceful, quick. My racket connected firmly with the ball, sent it flying back over the net, just inside the baseline.

The next ball fired from the machine. Andy had it set at 120mph, but I was sure I could cope with more. I shifted without thought, my body taking control as I reached the ball, knocked it back, turned and readied myself for the next one.

It never came. The machine went quiet.

“OK.” Andy laughed. “OK, star, I think that’s enough. Big game tomorrow, you don’t want to wear yourself out in training. Let’s hit the showers, then you can get a decent night’s sleep.”

“I’m pumped. Five more minutes.”

He shook his head. “Whose in charge here, Ari?”

Sweat poured from my head, getting in my eyes. I wiped a hand over it, dried it on my shorts. He stared at me, folded his arms over his chest. I knew when I was beaten. “You are, coach,” I said.

“Damn right.”

We headed out to the showers together, both of us had taken a pretty good workout over the past few hours. I could smell the fresh sweat on his body, salty and pungent, mixed with the artificial sweetness of deodorant. He put an arm over my shoulder as we stripped off our kit, the kind of thing a coach can do when you’ve been working together for six years solid.

“Just remember your training, star, you can beat this guy.”

I nodded. Sure, I can beat him. On a good day I’m as hot as anyone on the circuit.

As we stood under the searing jets together, I ran through tactics in my head, remembered past matches. Things that had gone well. Things that hadn’t. I lathered soap over my shoulders, let it soak into my chest, my stomach, rubbed it into the base of my cock and over my balls.

When Andy’s hand covered mine I didn’t flinch. I let him guide my fingers along my shaft, bumping over the bulbous head of my cock. The water hissed above me, and I felt Andy press against me from behind. Steam made me splutter, and I took a mouthful of hot water, spat it out against the shower wall.

“Like this,” he said, guiding my hand back and forth along my cock. “Long strokes, keep it smooth.”

My erection grew hard. I leaned my body against the shower wall and reached back with my free hand, flailed around for his cock.

“Never mind that. Concentrate on your own game.”

I sighed and nodded, let out a moan. He rubbed the tip of his cock against my buttocks, up into the small of my back. “I’m going to cum,” I said.

“Not yet. Keep the rally going, wait for your opportunity.”

“Fuck,” I said.

“That’s it,” he said, guiding my fingers over the head of my cock, each one moving and stretching it. Down, up, down, up. “That’s it. When you’re ready, let me have it.”

I exploded into his hand, covering it with hot jets of sticky cum as I cried out and panted. He spread it over my cock, making my body tense and quiver as lightning bolts of pleasure struck it again and again.

“Now,” he said. “Finish showering. Get dressed, then go home and get some sleep. Big game tomorrow.”

I nodded and leaned my head against the shower wall.

Written for Masturbation Monday week 97, where you will find the perfect picture to accompany this story!


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7 thoughts on “Coaching

    • Based on a true story*!

      *(I’m sure somewhere in the world this has happened, sometime. And if it hasn’t, why not? Come on guys, look at how hot your coach is! Don’t you want to? Really? Really…? You know you do!)

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