Get a FREE preview copy of Girl Next Door novelette

Lesbian lust, desires and adultery.

The Girl Next Door novelette has been described by Ashen White as “a beautifully written story that leaves you ready for more – as well as ready to indulge in some light relief yourself!”, while Amber Skye says that it’s “intelligent, thoughtful and erotic”.

Regular readers of my blog will be able to¬†get “Girl Next Door”, which completes the original short story, for free after it launches on August 1st. However, I have a few preview copies to give away right now to anyone who is willing to give it a quick honest review (can be just a few words).

Let me know in the comments and we’ll work something out, or PM me on Twitter or Facebook with your email address and preferred format.


2 thoughts on “Get a FREE preview copy of Girl Next Door novelette

    • LOL, it is quite lovely isn’t it?

      I chose that picture for Katrin so I’m really pleased when people like it because I have absolutely no graphic design skills at all.

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