Halloween Hitchhiker

Rain lashed against the side of the car as the wipers did their best to keep the windshield clear, throwing water aside only for it to be replaced with more. The lights only dimly illuminated the surroundings, creating more shadows than they repelled. Ned struggled to see the direction of the road, taking it carefully as he navigated the winding bends, where trees seemed to loom out of nowhere and the wheels crunched on loose stones. He knew that the turning must be near, but the landmarks he expected to see looked different and time seemed less reliable in the dark and the storm.

A figure was suddenly illuminated on the road ahead.

“Shit!” Ned shouted, thumping his foot on the brake.

Tyres squealed, and he wrestled with the steering wheel to keep the car straight, working to stop it from going into a skid. The girl looked like a ghost: long, black hair plastered flat with rain, dark eyes, the whites showing bright in the light from the car’s headlamps. Her dress was white, glossy, and barely long enough to reach her thighs. It showed stark against her dark skin. She didn’t even seem to move or try to avoid the collision, she just stood there staring as the car slid, finally coming to a halt three or four yards from where she stood, right before the very crossroads Ned was looking for.

He could hear his pulse in his ears, could feel his heart racing. Fuck. The fright was bad enough, but on top of that the girl was seriously hot. He stole a glance at her legs, where the hem of the dress ended and left them bare. Wow. Just wow. Ned licked his lips and gulped as she started toward him, strutting even in the rain thanks to heels that added an extra three inches to her height.

The passenger door clicked open and a blast of cold air entered the interior along with the sound of water rushing in the ditch by the side of the road. The girl leaned down, looked into the car, meeting Ned’s eyes, and smiled. “Hi, thanks so much for stopping. I need a ride. Would you mind giving me a lift?” She didn’t wait for his response, which was just as well since Ned’s mouth was suddenly as dry as a bucket of dust. Her costume was supposed to resemble a nurse, and it did, vaguely. White PVC clung to her body, smeared with fake blood, smooth over her breasts and tight at the waist. A little black cross in a circle was the only nod to her supposed profession. She lowered herself carefully into the passenger seat and slammed the door, gave a little shiver. “I’m Teri. I don’t think I’ve seen you before?”

“No.” Ned managed to shake his head as he watched her twist, kicking off her shoes and settling back into the seat. He tried to focus on her face, not to let his eyes wander further down. “Where… where are you going?”

“Redlake Grange – do you know it?”

She reached around and pulled on her seatbelt. Her fingernails sparkled with silver nail polish. Ned had never seen anything like it, had never seen anything like her. She looked at him and a smile pulled at the corners of her mouth. He had to shift in his seat to hide the growing erection in his pants.

“Um, yes.” Ned managed to get the words out as he took a shallow breath. “I’m going there myself.”

“Oh, for the Halloween Party?”


“Then you must know Owen. I can’t believe we haven’t met until now! Your makeup looks amazing, by the way. Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Ned.” He could hear the blood rushing in his ears. “Ned Raymond.” Ned eased the car forward and turned onto the side road. “Thank you, I’m a, er, zombie.”

She laughed. “I guessed.”

“That’s my car,” Teri said, pointing out of the window as they passed a small car with a Ford badge that had smashed into the side of the road. Steam was pluming from under the hood, visible even through the rain. “I don’t know what happened. One minute everything was fine, then the next thing I knew I was kicking the door to get it to open.”

“You were lucky, that looks like it could have been a lot worse.”

The road passed under the shelter of some trees and there were high banks to either side. It looked like the car had clipped a corner and spun out of control. Teri was lucky to walk away without a scratch. Ned took the opportunity to glance over her body while she was looking in the opposite direction. The fake blood was smeared everywhere, but mostly around her throat, leading down between her breasts where the dress had been left open just far enough to make him think of heaven.

“I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along. Frozen to death, no doubt. We’re out in the middle of nowhere here, absolutely zero coverage.” She turned her head, and he tried to look away, but it wasn’t quick enough. His face went hot as he felt her staring. “And this outfit leaves me quite,” she paused and made a little mewling sound, “exposed.”

This is an excerpt from “Halloween Hitchhiker”, the pilot episode of Lusty Urban Legends. It’s available FREE (or minimum price where free isn’t an option) from the following locations:

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(please leave a review – partly because reviews help downloads and sales, but also because this is genuinely a “pilot” episode… I want to know what’s working and what isn’t before I write episode 2)

Part of “Masturbation Monday”, hosted by the wonderful Kayla Lords. Please visit the Masturbation Monday week 113 page for more free hotness!


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