Free Fiction: Sauna

I tried not to be too obvious about watching them, not that they were making any effort to conceal what they were doing. They’d entered together, white towels wrapped around their waists, burnished muscles fully on display. The one on the left had dark hair, was a bit taller and seemed more confident; leaning in, running a finger along his partner’s abs, whispering in his ear. The one on the right was cute: blond hair, pale skin that peaked with a rosy blush along the tops of his cheeks.

My breath came long and hard in my lungs, both the heat of the sauna and the heat of what I was watching combining to increase my need for oxygen. I crossed one leg over the other and gasped against the sensation of hot air across my damp lips.

The blond man giggled as the other flicked his tongue out to lick an earlobe. He drew his legs up close to his stomach, and I looked away as I glimpsed his erection underneath.

“You can watch.”

My heart thundered as I glanced back to find the dark one watching me with a mischievous grin. He trailed a finger around his partner’s nipple, making the blond one gasp and close his eyes.

“You can watch,” he said again. “I’m Brett, this is Leo.”

I felt the heat rise to my face. “Eloise,” I muttered. It felt so strange to introduce myself. “It’s just, I can see…” I nodded at Leo’s crotch.

Brett followed the line of my eyesight. When he realised what I meant, he winked, then leaned in and whispered in Leo’s ear. Immediately, Leo’s hands flattened down the towel between his legs, obscuring my view. But Brett calmly grabbed one wrist and moved it aside, then did the same with the other. He placed his mouth over Leo’s, kissed him hard, and unwrapped the towel from his waist, dropping it aside and restoring my view.

My mouth dropped open as I watched Brett’s large hand reach down over Leo’s belly, his fingers wrapping around Leo’s shaft, grabbing at his balls, giving him a hand job while they kissed.

I reached my own hand beneath the hem of my towel, ran a finger along my wet slit while I watched them, my breathing growing ragged as I fought to control the urge to cry out. When Brett broke their kiss and turned to watch me, I didn’t hide what I was doing. I spread my legs for him, enjoying the way he smiled as he took in the view.

“Beautiful,” he said, then leaned down and took Leo’s shaft in his mouth, keeping his eyes on me.

Leo started to cry out, and I lost the fight to control myself. As I watched white cum trickle down his shaft where it escaped from Brett’s mouth, I masturbated harder, bringing myself to orgasm. Brett visibly swallowed, then tenderly licked his partner’s softening cock until it was clean.

“That was…” I felt like I should thank them, or compliment them, or at least say something. But I couldn’t find the words.

Brett smiled and nodded as he took Leo’s hand, dressed him in the towel again, then led him out of the sauna.

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 163. If you haven’t arrived here from there, please check out the other posts – there’s plenty to get you off!


12 thoughts on “Free Fiction: Sauna

    • Being open to exploring your sexuality and what turns you on just makes you more interesting and fun. You might (or might not) be surprised how many straight women watch lesbian porn. I suspect it’s the same for straight men with gay porn, it’s just more difficult for them to admit it sometimes.

      That said you could be bi, or pan, or some other wonderful sexuality that doesn’t fit with the expected gay/straight binary, because that would be cool too! Just keep exploring 😀

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