New Release: Saffron Gets Wet

Saffron Gets Wet

After her back-to-back sexual experiences in Serena’s office, Saffron is starting to awaken to her own needs and desires. But her budding relationship with Francine is about to take a new turn as they arrive together at Serena’s impressive, sprawling mansion.

They’re there for Serena’s husband’s birthday, and while he celebrates with his male friends the “ladies” enjoy an evening of wine and nibbles by the pool. But where Francine and Serena are concerned nothing is ever as innocent as it seems, and it turns out that Saffron might just be everyone’s shiny new plaything.

In Saffron Gets Wet, be prepared for new surprises, lots of touching and a pool party where everyone is just waiting to dive in.

Buy it now from Amazon or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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