Free Erotica: Devil’s Fingers Part 3

This is Part 3 of an ongoing story for October. If you haven’t read them already, you should start with Part 1 and Part 2.

Looking for the rest of Caught? The final two parts will be released for free in November, but you can get early access to the whole of Caught here.

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Father Edward Brock groaned at the pain. It felt like it was everywhere. His head, his neck, his back, his legs. At first as he woke, he didn’t remember exactly what had happened. He was in the church, Loraine Jacques had laid out the flowers for tomorrow’s service. Then she’d left.

But he’d heard her voice.

That’s right, she’d called to him from the vestry. It had taken him by surprise, he’d wondered how she got in there. Of course, he went to see what she wanted–

Oh, dear God.

She’d enticed him with declarations of how much she wanted him. How her husband no longer satisfied her. How she wanted a more sensual man, a man like him. Edward, my flesh tingles with need. My tits ache for your touch. My cunt is wet for you.

As he remembered the filthy words, he started to feel himself grow hard. The number of times he’d fantasised about Loraine Jacques while she sat beside her husband in his congregation. The unclean thoughts he’d masturbated to. The way he’d imagined what she looked like underneath those tight frocks she chose to wear.

“God, forgive me.” He groaned as he pulled himself to his feet, then looked quizzically at the dishevelled rug he’d been lying on.

Of course, that’s right. When he got here the room was empty. He’d walked in, calling her name, thinking perhaps she was being coy. Then the floor went out from under him and everything went black.


Why though? Why trick him like that? He’d never done anything to deserve it.

Then he heard it.

A high-pitched scream. It was a woman’s voice, of that he was sure. And suddenly everything made sense. Mr. Jacques must have figured out what his wife was up to and followed her here. First he knocked his supposed love rival unconscious, then he went after Loraine. But those noises…dear lord, it sounded like he was torturing her.

Edward Brock had never been a brave man. Even his own father had called him a coward when he refused to stand up for himself against the school bullies. And he was right. It was one of the reasons Edward joined the church. His father had told him stories of the Great War and he had no intention of ever being in the same position. Hidden behind the vestments of his calling he had been able to avoid service during the last conflict. He had preached kind words about the brave men fighting for their country and reassured their mothers and sisters and wives that God would keep them safe, all the while breathing a sigh of relief that he wasn’t among them.

All but one of the men of the parish had returned alive. They’d been given a hero’s welcome. Mr. Jacques had been among them and he’d thanked Father Brock personally for keeping the community together, like he had sacrificed by remaining behind. The man had a firm, soldier’s handshake.

Edward shuddered at the thought of going toe-to-toe with such a man. But surely even he wouldn’t abandon a young woman to her fate, would he?

No. No, of course not.

He shook his head, grabbed the Bible off his desk and clasped it to his chest for comfort. The word of God may even offer some protection if he held it just right as the blows landed.

In a flurry, hoping to get there before losing his nerve, he rushed through to the church, flinging open the door to the vestry.

“Unhand her! This is a house of God, you…you devil!”

“Oh, please,” said Loraine Jacques from where she lounged beside the pulpit. “He has plenty. I don’t think he’ll mind us borrowing this one.”

(Continue to Devil’s Fingers Part 4)

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 215. You can find erotica, photography, poetry, blog posts and more on this week’s page over at Kayla Lords’ site.


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