Free Erotica: Caught Part 12

man-2548155_1920This is the final part of this epic all-boys-playing-together shower scene. If you haven’t already read them, I suggest you start with Caught Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 and Part 11!

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Hugh’s cum hit the back of my throat, warm and sticky. His cock spasmed a second time and I felt the whole of my mouth fill with the fluid. Gloopy, stringy semen trickled down my tongue and I closed my eyes at the salty, tangy flavour. This was such a new sensation, and I wanted to enjoy it. Even as he continued to burst inside my mouth, I moved my head up and down his shaft, squeezing my lips tight to hold it inside as I milked every last drop from his tip, sucking as hard as I could.

“Fuuuck…” Hugh groaned and wriggled against the floor of the shower, hands slapping into the water pooled there as he tried to find purchase, tried to shift his body away from my continued sucking. “Ohhhh, fuck…”

As I sucked, Coren increased the tempo of his thrusting, moving his cock in and out of my ass, brushing the head again and again against my prostate, stimulating it over and over, sending pulses of pleasure through every inch of my body. My own cock throbbed with need, hard and swollen as Coren’s fingers moved up and down the shaft.

Hugh’s dick finally started to soften, and I let it slide gently from my lips, listening to his panting slow, then quicken as I lapped one last time at his hole before letting him go. I spread the flavour of his cum around my mouth, revelled in it, then finally swallowed it back just as Coren started to rut into me with a fervour that could only mean he was close to the end.

“Give it to me, Coren,” I screamed, panting as my body was thrown forward again and again.

Hugh was staring at me. “Fuck, did you just swallow all that?”

I nodded, a small smile spreading over my lips, then opened my mouth and wriggled my tongue to show him.

“So fucking tight,” Coren moaned, his breath gasping in time with each thrust. “I’m close.”

Lightning flashed through my brain and my cock spasmed as his head hit hard against my prostate. I squeezed my eyes shut, arching back and tensing through my whole body as it felt like I orgasmed without ejaculating. I cried out, my voice reverberating in the small space, mixing with Coren’s grunts as he thrust harder, faster, again and again and started to scream with each movement.

The feeling when he finally came inside my ass was at once both satisfying and mind blowing. I felt heavy and full, the pressure increased but not uncomfortable. His cock pulsed inside me and I was no longer able to hold back. I bucked against Coren, jerking my head back and drawing in a quick, sharp breath as my own cock spasmed and I felt the cum shoot out onto the tiled floor.

“Oh, Jesus…Jesus…” Coren panted and moaned as he collapsed forward over me, his weight heavy against my back. “Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.” The words were punctuated by a laugh and a sigh, then a heavy, relieved grunt, and I felt his cock slide from my ass. “That was fantastic,” he whispered.

Amelia, almost forgotten at the other end of the bathroom, bleated and sighed. “You guys, that was so fucking hot.”

I laughed, feeling the heat rise to my face. I couldn’t believe what we’d just done together.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Coren asked, his thumb rubbing my cheek.

I nodded. “Mmm.”

Hugh leaned in, kissed Coren, then me, his face soaked with a mixture of sweat and water from the shower. “Perhaps we could do it again sometime?”

Coren laughed. “Sure, I’m game. Ed?”

“Yes,” I said, sighing as I shifted myself from beneath him, stretching my legs out to bring some feeling back into them. “Yes please.”

The End

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10 thoughts on “Free Erotica: Caught Part 12

  1. a very torrid write,
    “Fuck, did you just swallow all that?” definitely made me laugh. I have heard something like that before so it really brought the scene to life for me.
    thank you so much for sharing

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